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Playground Sale

Save big on a variety of products!

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Playground Sale

Little Tikes Commercial can fulfill your playground needs at any budget. Browse our awesome selection of products today!

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NEW! 2022 Product Catalog

Step into the world of Little Tikes Commercial with our 2022 catalog. It’s full of commercial playground structures, play components, independent events, site amenities, safety surfacing, and more!

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Stax™ on Stacks of Fun!

Stax™ are versatile components that add a new climbing experience to your play space. Available for multiple age groups as a freestanding piece or connect to other structures for added play value.

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Let PlaySoleil solar lighting secure your play oasis from vandalism and inappropriate nighttime use. It’s affordable, economical, and installation is as easy as A-B-C.

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PlayPower® introduces PlayArmor™

The first antimicrobial protective coating introduced exclusively for application on commercial playground equipment and site furnishings.

Rope and slide playground
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NU-Edge® GSX

NU-Edge GSX is a freestanding rope structure that gives children the chance to challenge themselves while enjoying social play opportunities.

Inspire Imagination with Unlimited Play Interactive Panels

Add Inclusive Value to Your Playground

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Unlimited Play Panels

Inspired by dedication to inclusivity and the way kids naturally play with found objects, our Unlimited Play Panels provide children with unique opportunities to explore the world through their senses.

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Quiet Grove by Unlimited Play

Quiet Grove combines the soothing benefits of nature with sensory activities to help children alleviate stress without having to leave the playground.

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Play Sparks the Imagination

As a child, play helped you discover the world. Now, bring the same experience to your community through unexpected and engaging playgrounds.

Little Tikes Commercial outdoor play is essential to every child’s development. Our play structures encourage children to explore and learn fundamental lessons by inspiring imagination, adventure, and learning. Whether you’re looking to replace an existing structure or design a new industrial playground from scratch, our commercial playground pieces and design capabilities will not disappoint.

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2022 Price Guide

2022 Catalog Price Guide

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Featured Products

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2022 Product Catalog Cover image

2022 Product Catalog

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Little Tikes Commercial Brand Brochure

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Rope Collection brochure

Rope Collection

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Play Shade catalog cover

Play Shade

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Kids on Little Tikes Commercial Unlimited Playground component

Inclusive Brochure

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Bids Got Your Buried? brochure


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Dough builders fall and spring program catalog

Dough Builders®

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Little Tikes Commercial Custom Design Studio and Playground

Custom Design Studio

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Outdoor Training System Brochure

Outdoor Training System

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Urban Nature Playgrounds

Natural, urban, and edgy. Stimulate children’s imaginations and explore nature-inspired environments with our innovative NU-edge line of playground systems. Kids can create their own adventures by imagining ziplining through the trees on our Track Ride, or conquering the rocky, seaside cliffs with Captain Hook!

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Inclusive Playgrounds

Bring your community closer together through Little Tikes inclusive playgrounds. Through our partnership with Unlimited Play, you can provide a safe, accessible environment for all children in your community to play! Discover our Platinum and Gold playgrounds that go above and beyond minimum ADA standards, without exceeding your budget or space.

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Custom Playgrounds

Don’t feel limited by your ideas! Think outside of the box and bring your unique vision to life through thoughtful design and unexpected themes. From prehistoric adventures to musically-inspired fun, you’ll work with our Custom Design Studio to craft the perfect play experience for your community.


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Little Tikes Commercial Play Structures

Little Tikes Commercial playgrounds are designed with safety and durability in mind, so you’ll always receive the highest-quality equipment for your community.

We offer a range of services to help you create and implement the playground you’ve always wanted. Our design teams create customized playgrounds that are perfect for your organization’s needs, while our planning and financing services develop a plan for safe and inclusive playgrounds at a price you can afford.

Satisfied Little Tikes Commercial customers include park directors, landscape architects, schools, homeowner’s associations and more. Check out our vast product selection and see what we can do for your project!

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The Magic of Play

The Magic of Play

1. Interaction & Social Development

Play helps children grow and develop while having fun!

When children play together, they may add to each other’s ideas, agree on a set of rules, and take on specific roles as part of their game. This type of play can aid in developing social skills by encouraging children to engage and interact with one another.

2. Exercise & Physical Activity

Play encourages children to exercise and stay active while developing physical strength.

Playing on toddler play equipment like slides and climbers helps to develop balance, strength and agility skills. Moving from one piece of playground equipment to another develops cardiovascular strength and improves overall physical health and well-being. Playing during early childhood can also help children to view exercise as fun, and encourage them to stay active later in life.

3. Curiosity & Sensory Development

Playing on the playground helps foster curiosity, feeds imaginations and aids in sensory development.

For younger children, touching textured surfaces, listening to new sounds, and seeing bright colors encourage them to explore their world with their senses and recognize shapes and colors. For older children, activity panels can help with the recognition of numbers, shapes and letters.

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Playground Funding

Purchasing Little Tikes Commercial large playground equipment is a big decision—it affects the children in your community. If you need to raise funds to make your playground dream a reality, we can help! Our free, step-by-step guides will enable you to better understand the funding market and empower you to create and manage a successful campaign. Let us help you bring the power of play back to your community!

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