Children watching a playground.

Kids Around the World

Play: The Universal Language of Childhood

We believe in the magic of play. Research has proven that play aids in mental and physical development, in addition to sparking kids’ natural creativity and wonder. However, not every child in the world has access to a safe environment to play in. At Little Tikes Commercial, it’s our mission to change that.

We’ve partnered with Kids Around the World, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that for decades has built playgrounds in war-torn and impoverished communities in over 70 countries. Their mission is to help children in orphanages, refugee camps, and poverty-stricken environments experience hope through play. 

Supporting The Mission

Kids Around the World identifies commercial playgrounds in the United States that are scheduled to be replaced, and then disassembles, refurbishes, and ships them overseas to communities in need. Many times, this is the first time these children have ever seen a playground. The joy they experience when playing on a playground for their first time is nothing short of magical!

In support of their mission, Little Tikes Commercial is committed to donating 5% of the list price from qualifying sales within this program to Kids Around the World.



Kids Around the World

Transforming Communities & Kids

From Ecuador to Uganda, Kids Around the World impacts communities around the globe. Playgrounds are more than just a place to play, they’re an environment where kids can experience a sense of community, imagination, and freedom.

Our Commitment

Little Tikes Commercial is proud to partner with this great organization to further their mission and bring the magic of play to more children.

Kids Around the World

Opening Doors in Ecuador

High up in the mountains of Ecuador, entire families have been provided access to playgrounds through public parks. Here, community meetings can be held and outreach can be offered.

Expanding Minds in Haiti

In schools throughout Haiti, teachers are leveraging the proven relationship between play and academic success by unlocking creativity, imagination, problem solving, and critical thinking in their students.

Eliminating Barriers in Palestine

In Palestine, where trust between Muslims and Christians is rare, ministries are stepping into relationships with schools, local governments, and communities to create safe places where children of all faiths can play together.

Healing Wounds in Uganda

In Uganda, countless children have been forced to flee their homes to refugee camps. Playgrounds have created a safe haven where trauma response ministries can mend broken hearts, and children can experience the joy of being a child again.

Kids Around the World

“We’ve seen much fruit develop as we’ve co-labored with Kids Around the World. Their capacity to leverage playgrounds as a strategy to transform children and their communities, and their desire to see empowerment at the local level is exemplary.”

Matthew D. Storer, Vision Trust

“Our new playground in Uganda is officially open! The smiling faces are a glimpse of just how overjoyed our primary and nursery school kids are to have this fun place to stay together. A huge thank you to the organization Kids Around the World for making this happen!”

Bob Goff, President/CEO-Love Does

“KATW has helped our church to put feet to its faith. They provide opportunities for all of our people—young and old, nonbeliever and believer—to engage the world by meeting real physical and spiritual needs. We experience great joy in laboring together with them for the Kingdom!”

Stacy Tertany, The Shoreline Church

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