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Why Little Tikes Commercial?

We exist to empower kids to flourish by inspiring wonder and developing life skills through imaginative play.

Rooted in imaginative play, Little Tikes Commercial helps kids develop by giving them the life skills they learn on a playground, and the skills they need to thrive and flourish as they grow.

We are the masters of theme – creating a magical experience and promoting imaginative experiences.

Why Little Tikes Commercial

Why Little Tikes Commercial

What we stand for

Our five core beliefs guide everything we do, say, and create. They’re how we make our purpose come to life. At Little Tikes Commercial, we believe:

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Why Little Tikes Commercial

IMAGINATIVE PLAY is for all ages. After all, why should little kids have all the fun?

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Why Little Tikes Commercial

We believe innovation expertise in THEMED PLAY experiences will help us take a child’s imagination to new places, creating WONDER.

Why Little Tikes Commercial

We believe the wonders of imaginative play should be provided equally through INCLUSIVE playground design.

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Why Little Tikes Commercial

We believe it takes a village (in our case, a playground!) to take care of our kids for the future. COMMUNITY is caring.

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Why Little Tikes Commercial

We believe there is a direct link between imaginative play and the development of LIFE SKILLS that equip kids for 21st century living (e.g., problem-solving, smart risk assessment, empathetic social interaction).

Why Little Tikes Commercial

Other Important Initiatives

Our Commitment to Safety

Safety is woven into our work. We ensure that our products are compliant with standards governed by reputable safety organizations in the playground industry.

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Continuing Education

Join us for educational sessions, delivered in partnership with top knowledge experts throughout the playground industry.

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Materials & Manufacturing Process

From the strength of our materials to the color-fastness of our paints, your playground will be a destination in your community for years to come.

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We protect families of the future through responsible environmental practices. Click to learn about our dedication to green initiatives.

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Why Little Tikes Commercial

What drives us

Little Tikes Commercial’s mission is to create fun, exciting, and inclusive play spaces that instantly engage imaginations. Think of it as an inspiring play oasis where kids can escape their everyday.

Inside every kid (and kid-at-heart) exists a universe of possibilities just waiting to be awakened by the wonders of imaginative play.

On the playground, a child can be a safari guide, a racecar driver, or even the swashbuckling captain of a pirate ship. Their real-life bounty? A treasure chest of new perspectives and the life skills required to thrive in the 21st century.

So, summon your own inner child and step into the world of Little Tikes Commercial, where unstructured play stirs imagination, unlocks potential, nurtures creativity, and inspires kids to live a life of wonder. Roar! Vroom! Ahoy!

No inside voices required!

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