Why Little Tikes Commercial

Outdoor play is essential to the development of all children. Play is one of the primary ways kids come to understand the world around them. Play allows kids to release energy, push boundaries, connect with others and discover new things.


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Why Little Tikes Commercial

The Facts: Kids and Outdoor Play


of districts don’t require schools to provide recess


of all preschoolers are not taken outdoors daily


of kids ages 9-13 play outside on their own

Why Little Tikes Commercial

The Benefits of Outdoor Play

Play helps children develop motor skills. It facilitates interaction between children and others, including parents & caregivers. It helps them learn creative thinking skills & how to solve problems. Children use their imagination during play to engage in the world around them, learning how to solve conflicts, share, & practice grown up roles. It also helps promote happiness.

Why Little Tikes Commercial

Emotional Development

From conquering the tallest slide to making friends in a social space, Little Tikes Commercial has products to boost kids’ social and emotional development.

Why Little Tikes Commercial

Physical Development

Little Tikes Commercial outdoor play equipment provides kids with challenges in fun, unexpected ways that will help them grow while having a blast!

Why Little Tikes Commercial

Cognitive Development

Little Tikes Commercial’s products are created with input from childhood development experts to ensure that children get the maximum cognitive benefit from each piece of equipment.

Why Little Tikes Commercial

Social Development

From thoughtfully crafted cozy spaces to exciting play events, there are plenty of opportunities for children to make new friends on any Little Tikes Commercial structure.

Why Little Tikes Commercial

Sensory Development

Well-designed playgrounds activate all five senses (sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell), but they don’t stop there. Many beneficial proprioceptive (special awareness) and vestibular (balance) experiences can also be found on Little Tikes Commercial playgrounds.

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