Biba unlocks the power of analytics

See how Biba gives you the power to transform your playground data into ROI-driven insights, craft better programming, write tighter grant proposals and showcase the best features of your community.

What is Biba?

Biba games are designed to get kids back outside for the healthy, active and imaginative play parents know they need!  Taking advantage of the video game rewards that kids have come to love, Biba transforms playgrounds into “smart” play structures where the fun always changes… and all families need are the touchscreen devices found in every parents’ pocket or purse.  The games are always free to play, family friendly and available for easy download both Apple and Android devices.

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Why is Biba Important to Your Playground?

  1. Biba gets kids active!
  2. Parents are part of the fun!
  3. All games are free to play!
  4. No maintenance required!
  5. You get activity-based data about your playground which will help you explore the answers to in-depth playground issues, see the Data Difference.

The Data Difference

Who uses my playground?
Our data-capture system allows you to perform demographic filtering—by gender,region, socioeconomic status, etc.—which can yield big insights into playground usage habits.

In this example:
There are significantly fewer girls playing in this park, so it may make sense to direct future equipment purchases toward this demographic.

How do we compare to other communities?
Selecting from a series of variables, you can compare your community playgrounds to one another, or to other locations around the state or across the country.

In this example:
The at-a-glance view gives you a quick sense of what’s happening in your community, while online filters allow you to make customized comparisons.

When are people using my playground?
Many factors can impact play, ranging from national holidays to inclement weather to traffic congestion. Our data-capture system lets you separate the signal from the noise and get compelling insights into your community.

In this example:
Summer heat slows play in this community, but by adding shade structures, you can keep kids and caregivers comfortable and active.

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