Fun Games to Play at the Park

Everyone’s got their favorite games to play and activities to do at the park, and active nature play is vital for so many aspects of a child’s development. However, in today’s busy society, kids are occupied with school, homework, extracurricular activities and more — not to mention all of the enticing television shows, video games […]

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little boy standing with legs on hoop alley hoops

How to Improve Fitness Programs at Schools

Only a third of kids in the U.S. are physically active on a daily basis. Kids are spending an average of seven hours a day in front of computers, tablets, and phones. And with technology becoming more common in everyday life, this number could increase. The problem is that children between the ages of 6 and […]

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How Parks Lead to Healthier Cities

Parks are essential elements to urban areas because they give residents and tourists a chance to breathe in fresh air and take a break from city life. These green spaces have been part of America’s strategy to combat the industrialization common in cities. As an urban planner or architect, you’ll need to think about your […]

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little boy crawling across playground steppers

How To Encourage Imaginative Play On the Playground

Pretend play on the playground creates a sense of wonder in children. Giving new meaning to objects, locations, and people brings magic to everyday life while helping kids practice their language and social skills. As a teacher or administrator at a school, you want to encourage whole-child learning so children can be prepared for teenage […]

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Benefits of Adding Activity Panels to Your Playground

Activity wall panels allow children to explore new sensory elements and set their imaginations free. These age-appropriate play components are accessible for all kids, and they develop cognitive and mental skills through challenging, stimulating games and puzzles. Discover the benefits of activity wall panels to decide what value they can add to your school, learning facility, […]

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Logan Park Farm, Acworth, Georgia

Logan Farm Park is a 120-acre park in the center of Acworth, GA. The park recently added a new playground designed by Little Tikes Commercial sales representative Playworx. With slides, climbers, and shade, the new playground has something for everyone!   Contact us    

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kids sitting in garden crawl tunnel

How to Design the Perfect Early Childhood Playground

During the toddler and preschool years, children are discovering the world around them and are learning a lot about themselves, too. They’re learning how to use their bodies, how to engage their minds, and how to communicate with their peers. When a child gets to play on a playground, they can further their development on […]

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How to Encourage Involvement in Your Daycare Community

Parents always want the best for their kids, and that means they need a safe, secure daycare environment for their children. After all, a child’s early years are some of their most critical in terms of cognitive and physical development. Creating a positive daycare environment could make your business more appealing to parents. With over 8.7 […]

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