Fun Games to Play at the Park

Everyone’s got their favorite game to play at the park, and active nature play is vital for so many aspects of a child’s development. However, in today’s busy society, kids are occupied with school, homework, extracurricular activities and more — not to mention all of the enticing television shows, video games and social media apps […]

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Make the Most Out of the Park Playground This Winter

As fall turns into winter, we all start to spend more time inside. However, no matter the season, it’s still important to find ways to stay active and head outside for some fresh air. For families with young children, playgrounds are an ideal option all year round, even during the winter. Enjoying the playground with […]

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How Parks and Playgrounds Support Mental Health

It’s widely known that being out in nature can boost your mood, but just how closely are mental health and landscape linked? Apparently, very. Scientists discovered that those who live in places with little to no green spaces have a 44% higher rate of diagnosed anxiety disorders and 33% more reports of diagnosed depression than those surrounded […]

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How Children Use Play to Express Their Emotions

The discovery of new emotions plays an important role in childhood development. As they grow, children experience increasingly complex emotions. While adults are familiar with feelings of jealousy, cheerfulness and excitement, these nuanced emotions can feel overwhelming to a child experiencing them for the first time. As a result, kids don’t always understand how to […]

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The 5 Best Playground Equipment Pieces for Building Upper-Body Strength

You might not look at a playground and think of it as a place where you can build muscle, but sometimes, that’s exactly the case. Children and adults can use different pieces of equipment to work out and improve their physical fitness and overall health. The Centers for Disease Control cites physical inactivity as a cause for energy imbalances and increasing […]

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Park Improvements That Won’t Break Your Community’s Budget

By providing a safe place for children to play, learn, and grow, local parks are an integral part of a community’s well-being. But keeping up with a park’s maintenance can be financially draining. Because parks play such a key role in building strong community ties, it is important to find cost-effective ways to keep them fully […]

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Benefits of Playground Slides

Look at almost any playground, and you’ll find one common feature — slides. And if kids are on the playground, you’re sure to see them sliding and having fun. From spiral tunnels to double-wide varieties, slides make a playground look complete and enticing. That interest alone could be reason enough to include slides in your playground, but […]

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