Fun Games and Activites to Play at the Park

Everyone’s got their favorite games to play and activities to do at the park, and active nature play is vital for so many aspects of a child’s development. However, in today’s busy society, kids are occupied with school, homework, extracurricular activities and more — not to mention all of the enticing television shows, video games […]

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Introducing Playgrounds, and Hope, to Children Around the Globe

Play is a human instinct. Even kids who’ve never laid eyes on a playground know exactly what to do when presented with one. I’ve worked for Little Tikes Commercial since 2007, so I’m well aware of the many benefits of unstructured play. Recently, however, I had the absolute privilege to see a playground introduced to […]

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Little girl at top of slide before going down

Holiday Event Ideas for Your Local Playground

At this time of year, community playgrounds and public playgrounds in spots like local parks make great holiday event venues. If you’re looking for community event ideas to raise money, celebrate the season, and bring your community together, a playground is the perfect site. Go ahead and incorporate one of these holiday ideas for a community […]

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Children sitting on inclusive playground spinner

Custom and Themed Playground Design Ideas

You can transform a drab play area into a wonderland for kids with inspiring themed playgrounds. With innumerable options, you may need some help in choosing one. If you opt for a customized playground design, you may need some inspiration for choosing themes and other customization options. Whichever path you choose on your adventure to […]

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children posing for picture at playground

The Benefits of Free Playtime on the Playground

It is not uncommon to pass a park or playground and see children engaging in various types of play, letting their imaginations run wild. Having an outlet like this is crucial for a child’s psychology. Early childhood is an incredibly important part of human development and making sure to foster the right environment for a […]

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Urban Play: How to Design Playgrounds for Inner-City Children

All children — no matter where they live — deserve safe and fun spaces where they can play. Children’s outdoor play is just as important in an inner city as it is in a suburban or rural environment. Children need active play to further their physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development. Plus, time on the […]

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How Playgrounds Can Impact Cognitive Development

How Playgrounds Can Impact Cognitive Development Cognition isn’t all serious business. Kids can develop their thinking abilities through cognitive play. As they enjoy time on the playground, they can take in new sensory information and develop their ability to reason, communicate, and interact with the world around them. Let’s take a deeper look at what […]

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little boy crawling across playground steppers

What Is a Natural Playground and How Can It Promote New Forms of Play?

There’s no real substitute for time spent playing, learning, and discovering in nature. And yet, many children today are more disconnected from nature than ever. Natural playgrounds are an innovative design choice that can offer new opportunities for children to use their imaginations and have fun. Learn more about these playgrounds and how they can […]

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