Daycare Playground Benefits and Advantages

daycare playground benefits and advantages

Daycares provide childcare for kids of various ages while supporting their development and growth. One of the best ways daycares do this is through various play spaces and activities. While structured activities and play certainly have their place in daycare, there’s something to be said about the benefits of turning kids loose on a playground. Understanding playground benefits and advantages helps childcare facilities develop playground designs that will serve their kids best.

Kids can benefit from the simplest forms of play. Whether it be developing skills or learning about the world, daycare playgrounds provide the perfect space for kids to grow under your care.

Why Are Playgrounds Important?

The importance of playgrounds for children stems from their role in encouraging valuable play among kids. Play helps fuel learning and development in growing kids. They can learn a lot about themselves and the world around them through various types of play, especially on the playground.

During a child’s early years, they need a balance of structure and freedom to grow and learn. Playgrounds encourage the development of various skills, physical exercise, relationships, awareness, and much more through free play. Playgrounds are important for kids because they serve as safe spaces where kids can explore and hone their skills while engaging in fun play.

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Benefits of a Playground for Children in Daycare

Daycare is an effective childcare option for parents and guardians with kids of all ages. A big aspect of daycare includes playing, especially with others, inside or outside. Outdoor play areas in childcare are extremely beneficial for kids to have access to. Play keeps kids active and stimulates mental and physical growth. If you’re looking for reasons to add or update your daycare playground, here are a few benefits of childcare playgrounds.

Encourages Inclusivity

An inclusive playground encourages children to play together, even with different mobility and ability levels. Inclusive playgrounds are designed to engage kids of all abilities, so kids can play together despite their possible differences. Some settings may make some kids feel as though they’re at a disadvantage, which can limit them from participating and interacting with others. Inclusive playgrounds aim to create a comfortable space for kids of all abilities to benefit from play.

As kids learn about inclusivity through play, they’ll be more likely to carry that knowledge and mindset into other areas of their lives.

Sparks Creativity and Curiosity

Playgrounds can spark creativity and curiosity. Kids naturally have both these qualities, especially as they continue learning and discovering more about themselves and their worlds. Creativity and curiosity are extremely valuable for kids as their personalities develop and they gain a sense of self. Playgrounds can help kids jumpstart their imaginations during play. For example, swings can be a child’s wings to fly or tunnels can turn into caves where make-believe creatures live.

Playgrounds provide a safe and exciting space that helps stimulate creativity and curiosity in new ways for kids, especially since playground designs can take on various shapes and themes.

Encourages Skill Development

One of the biggest benefits of playgrounds for daycares is that kids can develop various skills while playing on the playground. Here are a few skill areas that kids hone while playing on a playground:

  • Social skills: Playgrounds can help children develop social skills. As kids interact and play, they’re put in situations where they role-play, collaborate, resolve conflicts, cooperate, share, take turns, make friends, express themselves, practice language, and so much more.
  • Motor skills: Playgrounds are especially beneficial for honing fine and gross motor skills. As they climb, balance, jump, kick, walk, and generally move around, kids practice the motor skills necessary for everyday tasks.
  • Cognitive skills: Play has an important role in brain development and cognitive skills like decision-making, focus, executive functioning, and more.
  • Emotional skills: Playing on a playground can help relieve stress, especially for children new to daycare. Kids learn and develop emotional regulation through a healthy outlet like play. They’ll develop confidence, self-esteem, impulse control, and more.

encourages skill development

Encourages Various Types of Play

Depending on the activity kids are participating in, they may be engaging in different types of play. It’s beneficial for kids to engage in different kinds of play, which they can experience on daycare outdoor play equipment. Common play types include:

  • Sensory play: Sensory play stimulates the senses, encouraging exploration and developing sensory perception. This type of play provides a richer experience and can even be calming for some kids.
  • Free play: Free play involves no structure or instruction from adults. Kids are free to use their imaginations and instincts in self-guided play. Playgrounds are especially ideal for encouraging free play.
  • Active play: A playground can encourage active play and an interest in exercise. Active play involves physical movement, which is healthy for growing kids. Active play can also foster an interest in future healthy habits for kids.

Daycare Playground Ideas

When designing your daycare playground, there are many ways to customize the playground to make it both unique and beneficial for your childcare facility. For example, you may incorporate branded colors to align your outdoor space with your business. Some playground designs incorporate as many natural elements as possible. For example, rather than removing trees to make space for the playground, you may find ways to work around them or include them in your design.

Another playground idea involves incorporating a game or map in your playground’s surfacing. For example, you could use different colored surfacing to create built-in four-square or hopscotch. What you do with your daycare playground ultimately depends on you and your children’s preferences.

Outdoor Playground Equipment for Daycares

One of the most important aspects to consider when designing a daycare playground is age-appropriate playground equipment. While you’ll want to consider your specific ages, most daycares provide early childhood care and school-age care. Here are a few types of playground equipment you may consider for your daycare:

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