Where there is a will, there is a way

Staples Elementary school, located in Staples, Minnesota, was long overdue for a playground upgrade. The playground equipment was over twenty years old, didn’t meet safety standards and lacked excitement. Principal Kathy J. had worked with National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) in the past and they were her first call to see if they had a solution. Little Tikes Commercial was her solution.

Staples 1Kathy loved the innovative design and “fun factor” of Little Tikes Commercial. Bill Johnson, a member of the Northland Recreation Team representing Little Tikes proposed multiple designs that fit their vision.

The proposals were presented to the school’s students and staff. They decided on a design that incorporated our KidBuilder, NRG and Infinity lines. Then came the hard part — purchasing it. Due to the school’s budget constraints, Bill recommended another NJPA vendor that could finance their total project.

Staples Elementary SchoolLittle Tikes Commercial and NJPA combined their powers to make the dreams come true for the children
without this project going out to bid. Today, Staples Elementary is enjoying their awesome playground!


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