Generation Swing Seat

PRODUCT #: 200203423

*Requires Extended Bay Frame, sold separately.

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Age Range

Toddler Seat: 24-47 months


27 lbs


9 ft3

A unique adult child swing, the exciting Generation Swing lets a toddler learn to swing by allowing an older sibling or a caregiver to swing with them. This design allows an adult or older child to face the toddler on the swing.

This design allows a toddler to enjoy swinging while also having the support of the sibling or caregiver. It is fun for older siblings or parents or adults to swing with a toddler, too! Swinging is a favorite activity that spans the ages, and with this swing, adults and kids alike delight in the activity together.

The Generation Swing lets younger toddlers take advantage of some of the fun playground equipment. It is part of an inclusive playground that allows everyone to engage in play. Toddlers can swing and play with the Generation Swing, even if they are not old enough to try solo swinging yet.

If a Generation Swing is placed near traditional swings, you can ensure children of different ages can play together and spend time together. The Generation Swing also makes it easier for caregivers to get toddlers familiar with a swing, even if they are not yet ready to swing on their own.

A Quality Swing Designed to Last

The Generation Swing is made from quality, durable materials, so it will continue to look great year after year. Even with many children and adults using the swing, it is designed to continue being a favorite piece of playground equipment for years to come.

Designed to be safe and sturdy, the Generation Swing offers years of play time and magical moments. Like all Little Tikes Commercial, it is extensively tested and is designed for safety and durability.

An Affordable Swing Set

Little Tikes Commercial believes every child should have a fun, creative and happy childhood. It is why our team works so hard to keep our prices affordable. In fact, you will find the Generation Swing is very competitively priced compared with other swings designed for toddlers and adults.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a Generation Swing, you might be interested in the Little Tikes Commercial Honest Price Promise: Provide us with any offer received from any of our competitors, along with the design quoted, and we will provide you a better solution at an equal or better price. We work hard to make sure your purchase makes practical and financial sense.

Little Tikes Commercial also offers help with financing, so if you’d like a Generation Swing, contact our representatives to learn more about financing options. You might be interested in our leasing option, for example, as it allows you to get playground equipment without the considerable upfront costs. We work hard to make your playground and play space work within your budget.

Be sure to contact Little Tikes Commercial to discuss the Generation Swing for custom options. If the Generation Swing is not quite what you’re looking for, we have a range of inclusive and affordable equipment for you to consider. We can also work with you to build custom solutions designed exclusively for your needs.

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