Hip Play Shade

Categories: Playground Components, Shade.

The Hip Play Shade features clean, straight lines and is one of the most commonly used styles for shading large play structures. Choose from embedded or recessed base plate mounting styles, and standard or quick release options. Shade fabric is available in original or fire-resistant versions. Available sizes are 10’ x 20’, 15’ x 25’, 18’ x 36’, 20’ x 24’, 20’ x 30’, 20’ x 34’, 24’ x 30’, 24’ x 40’, or 30’ x 40’ (3,1×6,1m; 4,6×7,6m; 5,5x11m; 6,1×7,3m; 6,1×9,2m; 6,1×10,4m; 7,3×9,2m; 7,3×12,2m; or 9,2×12,2m). Available entry height options are 8’, 10’ or 12’ (2,4m; 3,1m; or 3,7m).

Weight (LB) 1806.00