Custom Design Helps Tradition Continue

The San Martin Park’s pumpkin carriage and Cinderella-themed playground has been a favorite destination of residents in Lakewood, California for more than 50 years. In March of this year, the city issued a request for proposal to replace the beloved playground and asked Little Tikes Commercial, among other playground manufacturers, to offer a new vision for their project.

Cindy Grabow of Pacific Park and Playground, Little Tikes Commercial’s southern California sales agency, worked very closely with the city’s staff and created an excellent base design for the site. Little Tikes Commercial’s Custom Design Studio then added some fantastic features, including castle-themed windows and battlements,  The result was a design Lakewood unanimously selected. In the words of the Parks Director, “Little Tikes Commercial brought an amazing design to the table which far exceeded anything else submitted by the other bidders.”

The Mayor described the new playground as a “wonderful way to carry Lakewood’s past on into the future. The new playground will have a new pumpkin carriage, several small pumpkins for children to play in, and an expanded Cinderella and castle theme. I’m hoping that Lakewood’s children will get many wonderful decades of use out of this new pumpkin playground, just as thousands of Lakewood children have in past decades from our first pumpkin playground.”


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