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Little Tikes Commercial offers an exciting custom approach for each of our playground structures. From the creative beginnings of a new concept to the final stages of its completed construction, we believe in one-of-a-kind designs and imaginative twists. Each piece of equipment is meant to bring fun and discovery into a child’s world, and no two pieces are alike.

We invite you to be a part of this creative process. When you work with Little Tikes Commercial, you’re given the chance to purchase quality play equipment and design a custom playground that will bring new joy and life to your community. You know your area better than we do — you know what families need and what they’d like best. Together, we can create unique playgrounds that will help kids discover the Magic of Play for years to come.

Featured Projects

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Each of these featured play spaces is a custom design created on behalf of one of our clients. Every structure introduces kids to a different world, helping them unlock their imaginations through the power of play.

One playground gives kids the chance to scale a mountain and harness their own strength. Another allows them to step into a prehistoric world populated by dinosaurs. Kids can be transported into an exotic natural landscape, even if they’re surrounded by the concrete walls of a city.

Check out more of our featured play spaces for a taste of what’s possible and let your mind wander to which world you can create for your community.

Featured Projects

The Power of a Custom Playground

Custom options allow organizations to create the playground that will work best for their communities, whether it will be placed in a school, park, daycare center, church, urban center, or elsewhere. You’ll step into the driver’s seat, helping to select everything from colors and surfacing to equipment pieces that will work best for your theme and layout. If you have a creative idea, we’d love to help bring it to life!

Building a custom playground offers a host of empowering benefits to you and the families who will be using your playground. Building a custom playground can help you:

  • Provide an inclusive play area customized to the needs of your community, helping you create a truly accessible center for kids of all abilities
  • Get families involved in selecting what they want and need
  • Offer kids exciting themes — like pirate ships or safari parks — to spark their imaginations and create fantasy worlds
  • Promote childhood development through engagement with others, sensory play, tactile simulation, and activities that are cognitively and physically challenging
  • Foster school or neighborhood spirit by selecting colors or themes that your community identifies with

Ready to Begin a Custom Project of Your Own?

If you’ve explored our completed custom projects and find yourself with ideas for launching your own, that’s fantastic! We’d love to hear from you. Simply reach out to us today to begin the process, and we’d be happy to help work through your concept. Our expert engineers and fabricators will bring it from page to park-ready, and soon you’ll be sharing one-of-a-kind fun with families in your community.