Play Now. Pay Later.

Our playground equipment fund provides a flexible, cost-effective means of completing essential renovations. Leasing your playground requires less money up front and provides both credit and tax benefits. Whether you’re interested in preserving your bank credit lines for payroll and unexpected costs, minimize balance sheet liabilities or take the full depreciation of your new playground equipment in the first year, your local Little Tikes Commercial sales representative can walk you through your options.

Financing Your Playground

At Little Tikes Commercial, we understand that the cost of playground equipment is a concern for many schools, places of worship, parks, homeowner’s associations, communities and other organizations. We want all children to be able to enjoy the transformative power of play, which is why we offer solutions for playground equipment financing to make paying for your playground a little bit easier. We can help in a number of ways:

  • With our financing options. Little Tikes Commercial offers a variety of options to make your money go further while you build or renovate your playground. We can help you work within your budget.
  • With our lease options. Rather than paying a large amount up front, our leasing option allows you to keep your cash flow flowing.
  • With our sales. We offer discounts on some of our products and offer promotions, helping you save money.
  • By keeping our prices reasonable and by offering transparent pricing so there are no surprises. We make it a little easier to budget.
  • By offering fundraising resources through Unlimited Play. Unlimited Play is a non-profit group offering design services, workshops and playground fundraising help. Unlimited Play can offer a local team to find project funders in your community as well as other fundraising options.
  • With our Sourcewell membership. Through this membership, our public agency markets can combine purchasing power and enjoy savings.
  • By offering fundraising programs through DoughBuilders. This organization has helped many communities raise money through sales of more than 100 different items.
  • Through NCL Government Capital. This government financing program can help you make every dollar count.
  • By offering discounts to qualified federal government agencies. Little Tikes Commercial is General Services Administration (GSA) approved vendor, which means we can offer playground equipment at discounted prices to federal government agencies.

To learn more, contact a representative from Little Tikes Commercial. We’d be happy to walk you through the options and to make your budget work for you. We have solutions for various organizations, and we’ve already helped many communities find the funds to create beautiful playgrounds.

Investing in Playground Equipment

Investing in playground equipment now can mean long-term benefits. Purchasing playground equipment now means you can buy at today’s prices rather than waiting for inflation. Playground equipment can also help offer enormous benefits for children and your community for years to come. Investing in playground equipment now can mean:

  • Children get a place to play in a productive, creative and safe way.
  • Safe playground equipment from Little Tikes Commercial is manufactured from quality materials.
  • Years of childhood play for generations of children.
  • The ability to change children’s lives by helping them develop social skills, friendships and other skills.
  • Creating a better and more family-friendly community by putting children first.

Invest in the future today by investing in children now. Start working towards a playground so your community can reap the benefits now and for years to come. Contact Little Tikes Commercial to find out how you can make your dream of a safe playground a reality.

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