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Daycare Playground Equipment

If you own a daycare, you’re likely passionate about providing the best possible experience for the children in your care. A great daycare playground can dovetail with your goals by helping you support children in growth, development, fun, and creativity.

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Daycare Playground Equipment

Benefits of Installing a Commercial Daycare Play Area

Daycare playground equipment offers plenty of benefits:

  • An inclusive playground can help children play together, even if they have different mobility and ability levels.
  • Play can help children grow and develop.
  • Play can incite curiosity and creativity through play.
  • Sensory play can encourage children to explore the world around them while building sensory perception.
  • Play can relieve stress, especially for children who are new to daycare.
  • Play time can help children make friends and have fun.
  • Playgrounds can have components that help children learn numbers, letters, and colors.
  • A playground can encourage active play and an interest in exercise.
  • Playgrounds can help children learn social skills.

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Daycare Playground Equipment

The Childcare Playground Investment

Childcare playground equipment can be an exceptional investment for any daycare. Parents love to see child care environments show initiative in helping children succeed. When you have a playground at your daycare, you can pass on the many benefits of creative play to children, and this can show parents how seriously you take your role as a company shaping young minds.

Playgrounds are also a great investment because a quality playground can last for years. In fact, it may even be tax-deductible if you own a daycare. You can keep the same pieces year after year and continue to add to your playground, offering an ever-expanding range of choices for your charges.


Daycare Playground Equipment

Explore the Advantages of Our Childcare Playground Solutions

At Little Tikes Commercial, we focus on the best interests of all the children who come through the doors of your daycare facility every day. Our daycare playground components offer the following benefits and much more.

Age-Appropriate Fun

The first few years of a child’s life are critical when it comes to development. Playtime is one of the most effective ways to aid early childhood development and promote happiness at the same time. That’s why we offer a wide range of playground equipment, including several play elements designed specifically for daycare and preschool-aged children.

We design our daycare playground equipment to offer fun and quality enrichment to young children. We aim to offer mental and physical stimulation in a unique play experience that lets kids engage creatively with the world around them.

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Custom Playground Designs

While we offer a range of fully created playground sets, many daycares prefer to create a custom playground. Our collection of daycare playground equipment features a variety of play elements for you to choose from. We offer complete customization with a wide array of colors and options so you can create a playground that’s entirely your own.

From playground classics like slides and swing sets to activity panels designed to offer mental stimulation, you can have it all when you create a custom playground with Little Tikes Commercial. We’ll help you meet your daycare facility’s unique needs with a range of equipment options.

If you already have daycare playground ideas in mind, we’d love to help you bring them to life. Our design team can work with you to create the perfect system for your facility.

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Affordable Daycare Playground Equipment

At Little Tikes Commercial, we know just how important outdoor play is to early childhood development. We believe that every daycare should have a playground. That’s why we offer a variety of financing options to help make your dream playground a reality.

Whether you operate a small, privately owned daycare or a network of childcare facilities, we’ll work with you to create a custom playground solution that suits your needs and budget. Our goal is to ensure that the process of buying, financing, and installing your daycare playground equipment is quick and easy so the children at your facility can start playing as soon as possible.

Daycare Playground Equipment

Types of Daycare Outdoor Playground Equipment

Little Tikes Commercial offers several pieces designed to help the children at your daycare thrive:

  • The Tot Tree is designed for children between the ages of six months and five years. Fun textured bark and bright colors appeal to tactile and visual senses while allowing children to explore the “inside” of a tree.
  • The Generation Swing lets you or a team member sit opposite younger toddlers while they swing, letting them experience motion.
  • The Bongo Panel allows children to experience texture, sound, and color with fun activities. Kids can move rollers and other pieces in hands-on play.
  • The All In structure includes a slide, climber, and other play options for lots of fun. This structure is designed for ages 2-5 and is a simple way to offer lots of play time options in one unit for a budget-friendly price.
  • The ATV Spring Rider is available in “C” Spring or Coil Spring, and this bright red car lets young children experience movement as well as the thrill of “driving” a car.
  • The Cut Loose! early childhood structure has a climber, deck, slide, and other pieces of equipment in one affordable structure, offering many hours of play time. This structure lets children develop social skills as they learn to share the structure and play together.

To discover the wide range of playground equipment that might suit your daycare, contact Little Tikes Commercial to discuss additional design options.

Key Features

At Little Tikes Commercial, we design and install playground equipment with fun and safety in mind.

No Rise Greater Than 6″

No rise greater than 6” throughout the system ensures access for little legs.

Easy Installation

Unique footing accommodates different types of depths or surfacing for easy installation.

Molded-in Graphics and Textures

Combining fun and sensory learning with molded-in graphics and textures include animals, construction themes, and car features.

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Daycare Playground Equipment

Why Little Tikes Commercial?

Little Tikes Commercial daycare equipment is trusted by communities, daycares, schools, churches, and other organizations because we submit all our products to rigorous testing and carefully make each piece from quality, sustainable materials. Our products are designed to be safe and durable, making them a good fit for your business.

Little Tikes Commercial daycare playground equipment lets you offer more to families and children in your care. Since Little Tikes Commercial understands you’re busy, we offer design, planning, financing, and other services to make the purchasing process easy so you get the right playground for your business.

Our team is always happy to provide guidance if you have questions at any point in the process. Contact us today to get your project started or sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on our offerings.

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