Early Childhood Playground Equipment

Does your organization cater to toddlers and very young children? A playground may be an excellent way to keep kids entertained if you have a daycare, preschool or similar childcare space. Toddler playground equipment is crucial to early childhood development, too.

If you want high-quality, sustainable and safe play structures, Little Tikes Commercial can help. Our company has been providing innovative and development-focused play systems to commercial clients for decades. We focus on fun and on making sure all kids get to play with fewer limits, while getting the best possible benefits from playtime.

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Early Childhood Playground Equipment

Our Preschool Playground Equipment

Our Pre-K playground structures include classic elements like slides, bridges, tunnels and activity panels. Some of our options include:

Early Childhood Playground Equipment

Preschool Playsets for Childhood Development

The early years of child development are crucial for learning to talk, walk and go potty. Through age three and five, children are mastering:

Sensory input

Toddlers are taking in the world around them, sometimes literally. Children at this age love exploring through touch, smell, sight, sound and taste.

Fine motor skills

They learn to use a fork and spoon, hold a pencil, play with smaller toys and tie shoelaces. They are learning to manipulate small objects and use their hands.

Gross motor skills

Before starting school, children develop the ability to climb, run and walk. They are also learning balance and core strength as well as flexibility.

Cognitive skills

Children learn facts and may start learning the simplest numbers.


Kids in this stage of development are learning new words, word sounds and associating words with meaning. They are also learning basic syntax as they start to form phrases and sentences.

Social Skills

In early childhood, children learn how to get along with others, share and take turns and make up games. This is an important skill to learn before they begin school.

Early Childhood Playground Equipment

How Little Tikes Commercial Can Help With Childhood Play Structures

While preschool years have lots of potential for growth and development, they are not without their challenges. One significant challenge is that children aren’t in school, so they are exposed to different enriching and developmental supports. Giving children an outlet like active play stimulates their processing of these.

Outdoor playground equipment in community centers, preschools, daycares and other public spaces can help children develop their skills while having fun. This is one reason why so many parents look for areas with quality playground designs. By providing educational play equipment with inclusive design, you are supporting parents in their goals and become more attractive to families.

Another challenge with preschool playgrounds is toddlers all develop at different rates. This means toddler play equipment needs to keep children at different stages of development in mind so all children can play.

An additional challenge for preschool play is safety. Toddlers can be hard on equipment, and since they are still developing their fine motor and gross motor skills as well as their balance, they can fall down. Preschool playsets have to be low and safe enough for children to play on with less risk of injury.

Fortunately, we offer inclusive, sustainable and enriching playground solutions designed to address these challenges.

Early Childhood Playground Equipment

The Little Tikes Commercial Preschool Equipment Difference

Little Tikes Commercial has been helping childcare centers, preschools, and communities set up quality toddler play equipment for decades. Our preschool outdoor play solutions are different because we:

Design with care

We get input from designers, engineers and other professionals to make high-quality and safe equipment. We also get input from parents and toddlers to make sure our equipment is fun and attractive for kids while promoting playground safety.

Test for safety:

To us, brilliant design isn’t enough. We test product safety so every piece of equipment meets or exceeds all relevant safety standards set by ASTM, CPSC, CSA and EN.

Feel passionate about sustainability:

We use lean manufacturing techniques and take a proactive role in reducing our carbon footprint. We believe toddler outdoor play equipment needs to be sustainable because we are building products for future generations. The only way they can enjoy their future is if we take care of their environment now. For that reason, we make sure our equipment is high-quality, made from sustainable materials and has anti-corrosion coatings as well as other features which will ensure it lasts for a long time, reducing the need for more product.

Care about toddler development:

Our educational and active play equipment appeals to children’s senses, cognitive abilities, social skills, fine motor skills and more while getting them moving.

Think about quality first:

We use quality materials to help ensure a quality play experience. For our preschool play equipment, for example, we have rises of no more than 6 inches and molded-in graphics which add fun while also providing a solid structure for greater safety and durability.

Help you think inclusively:

We believe all toddlers deserve to play and develop at their own pace. It’s why our inclusive playgrounds are ADA-compliant and are also designed to help more children play with fewer limits. Toddlers who are advancing quickly will enjoy the challenge of our play equipment while preschool kids who are still learning will learn from others using the same play space.

Consider our own children:

The end-users for our equipment are toddlers, and we think of the kids who use Little Tikes Commercial play equipment as our own children. We want them to feel safe when taking part in imaginative play, which is why we take such caution in making sure we provide safe playground solutions. We also want them to have fun and to grow through our equipment, which is why our whole team works hard to bring the most innovative play to custom playgrounds.

Offer choices:

Do you want to lease equipment or build a toddler play area in stages? Do you want pre-made pieces or a customized playground? No matter what your needs, we have playground design solutions to make it happen, whether you’re on a budget or have specific needs that require custom work. Our team includes professionals who help you create the playground for toddlers you’ve always dreamed of.

Help with every stage:

Do you need help designing your toddler play area? No problem. Little Tikes Commercial has team members who can help you work around special needs, small spaces, playground equipment for specific ages, uneven ground and other challenges. Do you need inspiration? Little Tikes Commercial has worked on thousands of projects and can come up with ideas right for you. From answering your questions to even helping with financing, we take care of you so you can take care of kids with play.

Early Childhood Playground Equipment

Find Out More About Toddler and Preschool Playground Equipment

Are you ready to set up or add to your preschool or toddler independent play area? We’ve worked with churches, preschools, daycares, municipalities, places of worship, homeowners associations and other organizations, so we can help you create a brilliant, custom playground. Contact us or request a quote to get started today. You can also contact your local rep to find out more about us and our play spaces.

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