Homeowners Associations

Communities are all about bringing people together. Residents who live in the same apartment building, condo unit, gated community or neighborhood may all be different, but have all chosen to live in a similar space for a reason.


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Homeowners Associations

Playgrounds in communities like these can serve many benefits:

  • Create a safe place for children to play and make friends who live near them.
  • A place for adults to meet their neighbors while their children play.
  • Help uncover commonalities among strangers.
  • Create a community by helping residents get to know each other.
  • Promote community growth by making a community more attractive to prospective residents.
  • Encourage children to excel by developing their social skills and sensory acuity.
  • Create community pride.

Quite simply, play benefits everyone and playgrounds can help serve children, families and adults in neighborhoods. Consider the many beautiful play spaces in our nation and the work organizations have put into building them. They have chosen to make this investment because spaces for children and community members make their areas better places to live.

Homeowners Associations

Playgrounds work wonderfully for a variety of communities, including:

Homeowner’s associations:

HOAs, including planned developments of condominiums, townhouses, leased properties or gated communities, can all benefit from playgrounds. HOAs tend to have rules about how spaces get used, and creating a playground can ensure play happens in specified areas rather than in streets, keeping the community orderly and safe. Playgrounds can also make a planned community more attractive to prospective buyers. Since HOAs already gather fees from residents, they may already have a budget for common areas, meaning playgrounds for HOAs may be quite feasible.

Housing communities and housing developments:

Residents getting social housing assistance in these types of communities can benefit from the assistance a playground offers. Playgrounds for housing communities build pride and a sense of community. They give children a fun place to play while offering them a place to learn. Housing development playgrounds can also make these communities more attractive to buyers and renters.

Military communities:

Military communities: Military families may need to move often as part of their service, and a playground can be a great place for children and families to meet so they can build new friendships after a move. Military housing playgrounds can also be a great space for children to exercise and to get support while families are stationed on base. A playground with fitness equipment can also be appealing to the service men and women who need to stay in shape.


Neighborhoods of residential homes can benefit from playgrounds by bringing the community together. Playgrounds can be a fun way for families to get to know their neighbors, transforming a neighborhood of individuals into a community. A quality neighborhood may also attract buyers and positively impact home values.

Almost any community can benefit from a playground because these spaces provide so many benefits for children and adults.

Homeowners Associations

Working with Little Tikes Commercial

If you’re part of a community and would like a playground, you will need to come to a consensus and then plan, design, fund and install your playground. That can seem like a daunting task if each neighbor has different ideas about your shared space, but Little Tikes Commercial can make it easier.

Little Tikes Commercial offers design, planning, financing and purchasing services to make it easy to create a shared play space every child in your neighborhood can use. Whether you need a themed playground, fitness area, inclusive play area or have other requirements, Little Tikes Commercial can be your partner to make it happen.

We know how to create the ideal space to meet new friends and play. Let us help you create the perfect playground that adds social meaning to your residential community.

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Homeowners Associations

Key Features

Designed For Your Community

Big or small, urban or rural, or somewhere in between, our sales representatives will work with you to design the playground to meet your needs and budget.

Highest Quality Materials

We use only the highest quality and most durable materials including 11 gauge steel decks, steel clamps, 5” steel posts and more. We stand by our products with a 15-year warranty on all rigid main play structure plastic, steel and vinyl.

Easy Installation

Unique footing accommodates different types of depths or surfacing for easy installation.

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