NRG Kinetics play structure design.

A Spark of NRG to Power-Up the Playground.

Introducing NRG Kinetics! This collection sets kids into motion as they race across a series of fitness challenges. With modern, architectural design, these structures inspire new play scenarios that kids can use to build their strength, balance, and sensory skills.

Slide and Climb Hub

An Updated Classic

This combo features a ramp that leads up to a slide and bell for physical and sensory development. Thematic, striped panels are also placed on either side, expanding both the modern aesthetic and imaginative adventures.

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Net Challenge Hub

Catch an Adventure

Domed layers of nets overlap each other in this space-age style climber. Climbing ropes form a grid-like pattern that kids can use to climb into a mothership, around an egg, or beneath an undiscovered tunnel. A striped accent panel sits between each of the three layers and a bell awaits at the top, setting the scene for exciting physical and sensory play.

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Laser Challenge

Universe of Fun

This unique climber offers kids a variety of play elements. Climbing ropes weave over and under each other, beads wait to be slid, and a bell rests at the top. Metal rings in the center form an open sphere for more varied climbing, as well as to help inspire a world of play scenarios.

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NRG Kinetics bell play structure.

Bell Challenge

Striking NRG

This bell features a domed design and flat, circular clapper for a modern look. Add this to any playground to help inspire fresh play as well as provide a sensory experience.

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NRG Kinetics is compatible with post and platform structures, making them the perfect choice for phased installations.

NRG Kinetics™

Webs, Rings, and Rungs

NRG Fusion

Inspire a myriad of physical and social opportunities through any of these climbing challenges! Featuring rows of rings, overhead rungs, and classic climbing nets, kids are sure to use these combos in inventive ways that develop their overall skills.

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