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Commercial Playground Equipment

We help commercial clients design, create and install their dream playgrounds for decades. We’ve worked with places of worship, municipalities, homeowners associations, developers, schools, daycares, community centers and others to create imaginative and innovative places for kids to play.

As an experienced commercial playground equipment company and manufacturer, we know a lot about play equipment. With our knowledge, we can help you serve the youngest members of your community with enriching, inclusive and high-quality means. At Little Tikes Commercial, we believe all children deserve a great play experience, and we aim to bring fun play benefits to as many communities as possible.

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Commercial Playground Equipment

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Commercial Playground Equipment


What Makes Commercial Playground Structures Different?

Commercial playgrounds have some of the same equipment as a residential playground, including:

Both commercial and residential play areas may consist of stand-alone items or themed combinations of play systems. Yet, while residential spaces are in the yards of private homes, commercial versions exist at faith centers, parks, schools and other places accessible to the public. The differences don’t end there. The two types of play structures also differ in:

  • Use: While a residential playground may see some use from a family and a few parties a year, commercial playground equipment endures much heavier use. A schoolyard, for example, may see thousands of students per day playing around the swings and equipment during the school year. This means commercial playground equipment must stay very stable and durable. We specialize in commercial-grade play equipment designed to stand up to tough conditions year after year. You can feel confident when you buy from us.
  • Stakeholders: Usually, parents or homeowners decide on which equipment to include in a residential playground. However, commercial playground equipment usually involves many stakeholders. Parents, educators, administrators and others may have a say about a new swing at school, for example. At a church, an entire community may have opinions. We offer plenty of custom playground choices, so it’s easier to come to a consensus about which pieces fit for the children you serve — we even offer custom designs.
  • Return on investment: Owners of residential playsets want kids to have fun. At a school or daycare, playground equipment may need to do much more. Investors and parents may want to see enriching equipment. Municipalities answering to taxpayers may need sustainable items that provide years of use. Our durable, sustainable and enriching playground equipment comes with innovative design features sure to appeal to a wide range of stakeholders.
  • A variety of users: At a residence, a playground may get used by only a handful of children, making it easy to plan. With commercial playsets, new students or residents may include children of different ages and abilities or parents who need a wheelchair-accessible space, which is why we have inclusive play equipment that allows all kinds of users to have fun in your playground.
  • Safety: Commercial playground equipment must comply with strict playground standards and guidelines to help prevent injury. By providing carefully designed and tested equipment, Little Tikes Commercial helps its customers provide safe playgrounds for their intended users.

We have a team of experts that can help you get your commercial playground equipment project started. Request a quote below to get in contact with a team member!

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Commercial Playground Equipment

What Are The Benefits Of Commercial Grade Play Equipment?

Custom playgrounds in parks, schools and other public places help serve children and offer:

  • Intellectual development: Our products include activity panels which help children learn numbers, letters, Braille and more.
  • Sensory stimulation: Our themed options help children create music, move, listen and observe movement and bright colors.
  • Physical development and benefits: We design our school and shade playgrounds to help children with outdoor fitness. When taking part in play, children may not even realize they’re exercising.
  • Emotional development: When children take on the challenges and play opportunities of our playgrounds, they build confidence and self-esteem.
  • Social development: In schools, daycares, condo communities and other inclusive playgrounds, children learn to take turns, agree on rules and play in groups, which helps them with child development in other areas of their life, too.
  • Community support: Communities and organizations turn to Little Tikes Commercial because they’re looking for ways to serve kids while also creating stronger communities. Quality playgrounds create common areas for families and help bring all generations closer together, building a stronger sense of community.
  • Attractive communities: When your community or space has a playground with innovative commercial playground equipment, you may be more attractive to families. Condos and property developers, as well as schools and daycares, turn to us because they know great playgrounds bring families. We even have adult fitness options to appeal to entire families.

Start incorporating the benefits of playground equipment to your industry by requesting a quote below!

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Commercial Playground Equipment

What to Look for in Commercial Grade Playground Equipment

If you’re looking for commercial playground equipment for sale, there are several factors to consider:


Rugged, durable equipment that is highly creative and innovative is a must. Long-lasting play equipment means less downtime for your space and fewer required repairs. Our commercial play systems meet standards created by ASTM, CPSC, CSA and EN for the ultimate in durability and playground safety.

Your goals:

Before you buy commercial playground equipment, consider what you want to accomplish. Does your school need freestanding equipment to help teachers keep children involved? Does your community need exercise structures for older kids to create a sense of community? Does your daycare need new ways to encourage kids’ development? Knowing what you need can help you work with your Little Tikes Commercial rep to create the ideal solution.

The kids:

Consider the ages and needs of the children likely to use your playground. Will they have special needs, fall in specific age groups or have specific interests? Your outdoor play options should appeal to children of all ages for activity play.


Safety is the number one priority at any commercial playground. Our playgrounds are created to be durable and have no-pinch details and other features designed to keep little ones safe.

The location:

Take a look at your terrain. Will your playground need to weather tough winters, long frosts or hot summers? Is the ground uneven or small enough that you need levels of play? No matter what challenges you’re facing, work with Little Tikes Commercial to come up with fun and sustainable solutions.


Creating a commercial playground is a marathon, not a sprint. When you run into challenges or have questions, where can you turn? We offer ongoing support so you can create your play space with confidence. We even have answers to help you with financing.


We believe every community should have access to affordable commercial playground equipment without compromising on quality. Our team can work with your budget, and we even have leasing solutions, funding and grants to give you more options.

Commercial Playground Equipment

Work With Little Tikes Commercial on Your Commercial Playground Design

If you want to reap the many benefits of playgrounds, contact us or request a quote from Little Tikes Commercial or reach out to your local rep for playground solutions.

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