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Inclusive Playgrounds

Inclusive and Accessible Playgrounds

Whether you are a church, daycare, school, homeowners’ association or other organization with a playground, you probably have spent time thinking about making it wheelchair-accessible. All public playgrounds need to include ADA-accessible playground equipment to ensure they meet accessibility guidelines.

Yet, ADA-compliant playground equipment does not always go far enough. Little Tikes Commercial strongly believes play for children of all ages and abilities should include fewer limits. It’s why we are big advocates of inclusive and accessible playground designs for meaningful play. Our inclusive playgrounds help children play and take part in a variety of truly inclusive activities.

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Inclusive and Accessible Playgrounds

Our Partner:

Unlimited Play is an award-winning, non-profit organization that transforms communities by providing universally accessible playgrounds for all children and families. Together, we believe in designing playgrounds where limitations are forgotten and differences are celebrated!

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Inclusive and Accessible Playgrounds

Unlimited Play Design Principles

Each inclusive space that Little Tikes Commercial creates is crafted with a set of guiding principles in mind. Through our collaboration with Unlimited Play, we’re doing our part to redefine the way that the world views an inclusive playground. Here are our beliefs:

Design With Imagination

Encourage pretend play and nurture its benefits by designing your play space around a theme. When children engage in pretend play, they practice creative, cognitive, and social skills by assigning new roles to objects, actions, and ideas. This process is crucial in their development, helping them to become aware of themselves and each other and to practice necessary skills.

Encourage Social Inclusion

In our play spaces, children experience a sense of belonging, actively participate in the community, and share common interests. We design play spaces to become meeting places where empathy and friendship blossom.

Give Them Independence

Children with disabilities often spend their days with parents, teachers, doctors, and therapists. Our playgrounds give all children the independence to freely move through the play space without an adult.

Provide Active Motion

All kids should have the opportunity to experience the thrill of spinning, swinging, and rocking. That’s why all of our Platinum playgrounds include active motion.

Create Graduated Complexity

A truly inclusive playground encourages children to develop new skills at their own level. We want every child to be challenged—that’s why we rate our gross motor equipment easy, medium, or hard. Your inclusive playground design comes with a report showing how we addressed graduated complexity in your design.

Make It Fun

We combine the concepts of imaginary play, social inclusion, independence, active motion, and graduated complexity to create FUN playgrounds. Every piece of equipment is designed, selected, and placed with intention.

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Inclusive and Accessible Playgrounds

Want to learn more?

Little Tikes Commercial and Unlimited Play have partnered to create an inspiring guide to help you to understand the characteristics of a truly inclusive playground. Using our inclusive design principles, this insightful piece will help you to understand all aspects of inclusive play so you can bring play for all to your community.

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Inclusive and Accessible Playgrounds

Inclusive Play Is at the Heart of Every Little Tikes Commercial Design

At Little Tikes Commercial, our playground designs give every child an equal opportunity to play. Consider inclusive  components, such as:

  • Together Gliders: Our Together Glider is an inclusive playground component that gently sways. It has a 70-square-foot deck surface, giving users ample room for wheelchairs and assisting parents.

  • Turnabout Spinners: All children can access the Turnabout Spinner with its ground-level entry point. It features enough surface space to allow children who use wheelchairs to comfortably use the spinner.

  • Ramps with double rails: Add safety and functionality to your ramps using double rails. These playground components allow for continuous gripping support, wheelchair turning areas, and transfer areas.

  • Activity panels: Activity panels allow children to express themselves through music, mental exercises, and exploration. Whether learning about rhythm, sound, or fine or gross motor skills, we have accessible-height activities that encourage a range of motion exercises and imaginative play.

Inclusive and Accessible Playgrounds

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Note: Little Tikes Commercial is aware of the debate in the autism community over the use of identity-first (autistic person) and person-first (person with autism) language. While there is no language that fits both sides of the debate, we know the choice is a highly personal one, especially for individuals in the autism community. Little Tikes Commercial uses a combination of person-first and identity-first language.