Our KidBuilders® line puts your imagination to the test with a massive array of options, while giving you the peace of mind that you’ve built the best playground. All KidBuilders structures use super sturdy 5″ (127mm) O.D. posts and 11 Gauge steel decks and platforms, so you know that your structure is built to sustain years of use. Exclusive KidBuilders® post & clamp system makes installation easy. You can easily adjust to different site conditions with steel clamps that won’t slip.

See our KidBuilders Inclusive and KidBuilders Theme lines for an even bigger selection from our flagship line!

  • Ages 2-5, 5-12 CPSC (18 mos – 5, 5-12 CSA)
  • 5” (127mm) O.D. galvanized steel post
  • 11 gauge steel decks & platforms
  • Exclusive non-slip steel clamps
KidBuilders® Inclusive
  • Same great KidBuilders® features
  • Wide array of components specifically designed for kids with disabilities
  • Accessible wheelchair ramps and platforms
  • Reach panels activities including Braille, sign language, music, driving and telescope
KidBuilders® Theme
  • Same great KidBuilders® features
  • Themed choices include Castle, Barn, Train, Frontier, Fire Truck, Tropical and Ship
  • Customization of theme options available

KidBuilders® Playgrounds

KidBuilders® is a highly customizable playground design with more 500 components, giving you limitless design options. The post and clamp system makes it easy to install and to create your own playground look.

KidBuilders® Inclusive Playgrounds

The KidBuilders® Inclusive line lets children of all abilities and mobility levels play together, letting more children enjoy the benefits of play. The components go beyond ADA guidelines to make the playground not just accessible, but also fun for everyone.

KidBuilders® Theme Playgrounds

The KidBuilders® Theme line lets you build a playground around a specific theme, allowing imaginations to soar! The theme offers some structure to play and gives a cohesive look to the play area.

Which Option Is Right for Me?

The great news is that all KidBuilders® lines can work with each other, so you don’t really have to choose. You can mix and match the components from different lines for precisely the look you want.

The flagship KidBuilders® systems include a number of components that can help make your play area more engaging. There are play panels with alphabets and shapes so children can explore and learn as they play. There are also slides and climbers in a variety of sizes, colors and styles.

The post and clamp system makes it easy to assemble just the way you want, while more than 500 components mean lots of room for growth and possibility. Little Tikes Commercial also sells these systems as complete play sets, making it easy to find a ready-made solution for your space and budget.

KidBuilders® playgrounds are ideal for any play area where you want plenty of options. Whether you have an unusually shaped area, multiple levels of play or unique needs, the many customization options let you create a play structure that meets your needs without having to design a whole playground from scratch.

The KidBuilders® Inclusive line lets you create inclusive playgrounds where children of all abilities and mobility levels can play together. This line goes beyond ADA compliance with systems that are fun and cool and designed to be used not just by children with disabilities, but by any child who wants to participate. This is important and ensures children aren’t made to feel excluded on their own playground because they can only access some of the equipment.

Components such as wide, accessible ramps and platforms allow children on wheelchairs to access playground areas and offer fun spaces for children who are running around. Activity panels like the braille panel can teach children who can see the braille alphabet, but are also great for children with visual conditions.

The KidBuilders® line is ideal if you want to customize your playground but want a cohesive look. It can also be a good choice for smaller playgrounds, where one theme can mean multiple activities in a more limited space.

A fire truck playground can be a great option for an urban environment or for younger children. A tropical themed play space can be a great addition to a waterside park. With KidBuilders® play systems, there are many solutions — no matter your needs or budget!

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