We believe outdoor play opens the door to a world of possibilities.

The Benefits of Play

Playtime is about a lot more than just fun and creativity. There are many benefits to offering a play space:

  • Play helps build social skills.
  • Play can help children learn and explore the world around them using all of their senses.
  • Play can encourage physical activity, which can lead to a healthier life.
  • Play can help reduce stress by offering an active and creative outlet.
  • Play can promote inclusion by allowing all children to get to know each other in a common play space that everyone can access.
  • Play can improve confidence by encouraging children to challenge themselves.

When kids play on our playgrounds, they aren’t just swinging on swings or traversing the monkey bars they are entering a world of imagination and adventure. When kids go outside and play, the storyline is their creation. They can explore with new friends, get physical exercise, learn to problem solve and have fun while doing it. Now, let the adventure begin!

HyPar Net
  • Ages 5-12 (5-12 CSA)
  • Additional play components included
  • Non-traditional, free play experience
  • Ages 5-12 (5-12 CSA)
  • Available on our KidBuilders® 5” and PlayBuilders® 3.5” post systems
  • Components designed with urban and rustic features
  • Ages 2-5, 5-12 CPSC (18 mos – 5, 5-12 CSA)
  • 3.5” (89MM) O.D. galvanized steel post
  • Direct connect system
  • Ages 2-5, 5-12 CPSC (18 mos – 5, 5-12 CSA)
  • 5” (127mm) O.D. galvanized steel post
  • 11 gauge steel decks & platforms
  • Exclusive non-slip steel clamps
KidBuilders® Inclusive
  • Same great KidBuilders® features
  • Wide array of components specifically designed for kids with disabilities
  • Accessible wheelchair ramps and platforms
  • Reach panels activities including Braille, sign language, music, driving and telescope
KidBuilders® Theme
  • Same great KidBuilders® features
  • Themed choices include Castle, Barn, Train, Frontier, Fire Truck, Tropical and Ship
  • Customization of theme options available
kids playing on atoka skybuilder playground
  • Ages 5-12 (5-12 CSA)
  • 5” (127mm) O.D. galvanized steel post
  • 11 gauge steel decks & platforms
  • Exclusive non-slip steel clamps
N-R-G Builders®
  • Ages 5-12 (5-12 CSA)
  • 5” (127mm) O.D. galvanized steel post
  • Modern, free flowing play structure
N-R-G Freestyle®
  • Ages 5-12 (5-12 CSA)
  • 3.5” (89MM) O.D. galvanized steel post
  • Modern, free flowing play structure
  • Ages 2-5, 5-12 CPSC (18 mos – 5, 5-12 CSA)
  • 5” (127MM) O.D. galvanized steel post
  • 13 gauge steel decks & platforms provide
  • Direct connect system
  • Ages 5-12 (5-12 CSA)
  • Links to KidBuilders®, PlayBuilders®, and SkyBuilders®
  • Unique roof and special deck system

Which Playground System Is Right for You?

Each playground system from Little Tikes Commercial offers different features to meet your needs. For example, if you are looking for a non-traditional playground environment, the HyPar Net offers a large net structure for free play. For a more traditional option with slides and play space for children of various ages, PlayBuilders® is a potential solution.

Nu-Edge® offers nature play through an innovative play structure design based on the natural environment. It can be a great solution if you are in an urban environment and want to introduce nature into your play area. It can also be an option for parks and recreation areas, where nature-based equipment can blend more seamlessly with the park’s design.

KidBuilders® is a solution for any playground in need of customization. With more than 500 components and a post and clamp system, it is easy to add the elements you want to your playground. The KidBuilders® Inclusive line offers the same customization but is designed specifically for inclusive playgrounds where children of all abilities can play together.

The KidBuilders® Theme line allows you to customize a playground around tropical, castle, barn, train, ship, frontier, and fire truck themes, letting you build a cohesive and fun themed environment.

SkyBuilders® play systems are ideal for vertical play, reaching 17’ 4” in height. If you want a slide but don’t have a lot of room, going vertical with these systems is an option. In addition, this play system can be used with other components if you would like to build a more traditional playground but also want some taller components.

N-R-G Builders® is designed around the idea of fitness play and is ideal for any playground where climbing and exercise are a goal. In addition, this play system easily allows for phase building, making it easier on the budget. You can add N-R-G Builders® components as your budget allows, meaning you don’t have to raise all the money for an extended playground at once. The N-R-G Freestyle® line is also a budget-friendly ground-level unit, focused on child coordination and strength exercises.

MaxPlay® is a preconfigured system with seven options. Designed to provide maximum fun in a small space, it is ideal for those playgrounds with smaller budgets and smaller spaces.

Gelefish™ has a unique and fun design with bright colors. Customizable with different components, panels with this play system can be used to display children’s art work.

Design Your New Playground with Little Tikes Commercial

Commercial playground equipment offers the inclusive features needed for play areas used by a variety of children and caregivers. Commercial equipment is also designed and manufactured to be safe and durable, ensuring a long-lasting investment. Even with heavy use, this equipment holds its own.

Little Tikes Commercial can help you build the right play space that fits the needs of your community. For more than 35 years, our team has been helping create amazing playgrounds for schools, churches, parks and other community organizations. Our focus on safety, sustainability, and quality ensures that you will end up with a playground you can feel proud of, and our certifications and comprehensive warranties give you peace of mind.

Find a representative today or contact us to start building your playground!

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