Where innovation meets inspired play.

By fusing our trend-setting Gelefish design with classic play events kids love, we’ve taken imaginative play to a whole new level. Customizable play component layouts let you create your own playground configuration as well as maximizing your footprint.

Gelefish™ playgrounds have rounded edges and fun colors, making them fun designs that offer lots of room to imagine and explore. If you’re looking for a sleek and fun look for your playground, this option might be right for you.

Features and Benefits

  • Bright & durable color options.
  • Customize by adding components to the 8 interchangeable play event locations.
  • Upgrade the 4 Gelefish panels with your own artwork or photography.
  • 6 play activities allow for inclusive play opportunities: Melody Maker Panel, Gelefish Racer Panel, Gear Panel, Driving Panel, Ring Overhead and Rung Ladder.
  • Accessible, graduated spiral staircase leads to 86” top deck.
  • Unique Gele-Roof design provides shade.
  • Easily links to KidBuilders, PlayBuilders, and SkyBuilders play systems.
little boy and girl playing with jellyfish on gelefish playground
kids playing on light blue and purple gelefish playground
kids playing on green and blue gelefish playground
kids on gelefish playground spiral stairs
kids sliding down green gelefish playground slide
kids playing on red and green nu edge playground

Key Features

Unique Roof Design

Unique Gele-Roof design provides shade

Customizable panels

Upgrade the 4 Gelefish panels with your own artwork or photography

8 Interchangeable Play Events

Customize by adding components to the 8 interchangeable play event location

Want to see our Gelefish™ structures?


Building accessible playgrounds and inclusive spaces means more than just adding ADA-compliant components. Gelefish™ design goes beyond accessibility and encourages true inclusive play by engaging multiple senses and encouraging development at all levels. Just consider some of the components available with these play systems:

  • Melody Maker Panel. With a one-octave keyboard built in, this panel lets children make music while also encouraging social, sensory, cognitive and emotional development. As children explore music, they can make musical creations together, learn to explore sound, link sounds to feelings, and learn to understand the musical notes printed on the panel.
  • Gear Panel. This panel develops children’s social, sensory, cognitive and emotional development by asking them to turn gears together or alone. Children enjoy playing with the visual and textured touch of the panel, helping encourage sensory and cognitive development.
  • Driving Panel. The driving panel helps children pretend they are in the driver’s seat. The bright colors and the motion of this wheel can help children with social and sensory development. Children can use the panel to learn about traffic and road safety. They also get to explore texture and motion as well as explore some language while building confidence. Driving together allows one child to steer and another to suggest routes, allowing for social play.
  • Ring Overhead and Rung Ladder. This component allows for both stationary and moving rings so children can build muscle as they exercise. Since more than one child can use this component, children can build confidence and social skills as they race or compete. The movement and the feel of the rings allows kids to explore sensory experiences while play time with rules lets them build cognitive ability.
  • Gele-Roof. The innovative design of this shade includes bright colors and rounded edges, enticing kids and making the playground more fun. This component also protects children from the sun and helps to keep the equipment underneath cooler.

The unique look and feel of Gelefish™ helps bring an engaging feel to your play area. These systems are also highly customizable and can include components from other Little Tikes Commercial lines. With the rounded edges and functional design, Gelefish play equipment encourage play and creativity while helping you make the most of even a limited play space and a modest budget.

Easy installation can help you save time and money and get your new playground installed fast. If you need help setting up your playground or choosing the right components, Little Tikes Commercial has decades of experience you can rely on.

To start designing your Gelefish™ playground, reach out to Little Tikes Commercial to find a representative today or contact us to start building your playground!

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