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With its rounded edges and bold colors, Gelefish playgrounds provide plenty of room to imagine and explore. This system uses customizable components to create your own layout configurations, maximize your space and budget, and also integrates with other Little Tikes Commercial lines.

With our easy installation, you can save time and money to get your new playground installed fast. With Little Tikes Commercial’s decades of experience, we can help you choose the right system, components, and assist with installation.

Features & Benefits

Gelefish includes six play activities for inclusive play opportunities, including the Melody Maker Panel, Gelefish Racer Panel, Gear Panel, Driving Panel, Ring Overhead, and Rung Ladder. Customize this system by adding components to the eight interchangeable play event locations.

The unique Gelefish Roof provides plenty of shade to playground goers, while the accessible, graduated spiral staircase leads to 86” top deck for great views! Gelefish includes a number of bright, durable color options and easily links to the Kid Builders, PlayBuilders, and SkyBuilders play systems.

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Unique Roof Design

With its bright colors and rounded edges, the innovative design of the Gele-Roof provides plenty of shade to protect children from the sun, while helping to keep the equipment underneath cooler. This feature is both fun and functional, and adds a unique aesthetic to any playground.

Four Customizable Sensory Panels

Help children explore the world and engage their senses with Gelefish’s four interactive panels. The Melody Maker Panel lets children make music while encouraging sensory development. The Gear Panel helps build sensory and cognitive development through shape and texture. The Driving Panel can help children understand motion, while the Ring Overhead and Rung Ladder panels help kids build muscle as they exercise. The Gelefish system also offers eight diverse play opportunities ranging from the Double-wide Slide and Vertical Pod Climber, to the Snake Pole and Wild Rung Ladder.

Children playing on Gelefish themed playground


Going Beyond Aesthetics

Inclusivity Matters

Building accessible playgrounds and inclusive spaces means more than just adding ADA-compliant components. The design of the Gelefish® system goes beyond accessibility and encourages truly inclusive play by engaging multiple senses through a variety of activity panels while encouraging development at all levels.

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