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Encourage Active Lifestyles Through Play

With children spending a lot of time sitting in classrooms or in other sedentary situations, physical activity is more important than ever before. Fitness playgrounds are one way many communities and organizations encourage children to find the fun in physical activity and promote a healthy, active lifestyle.

NRG Builders is a modern play system that makes fitness fun by encouraging stretching, upper body strength, unique movements, and competition. This system’s overhead events in combination with the web wall are perfect for ages 5-12. The NRG Builders components offer endless configurations to customize your play space to your community’s needs.

Customize your playground with unique NRG Builders components that build kids’ strength and coordination while encouraging their imagination and creativity. NRG Builders’ deckless, aero-platform designs are budget friendly with clear lines of site for easy supervisions. This system’s combination of fitness-inspired play and double-sided components offer twice the fun, making it the perfect choice for school playgrounds.

This system is architecturally pleasing for a variety of sites and specifically designed for phased building. Fourteen NRG Builders independent events can stand alone or linked together; just choose your link and add on when you’re ready. The NRG Builders Direct Connect system provides superior strength and durability, while tamper-resistant stainless steel hardware and 3.5 (89MM) and 5” (127MM) O.D. galvanized steel posts are to the highest safety standards.

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Fitness Play

NRG Builders is packed with overhead and climbing play events designed to build strength and improve coordination. From the Double-Web Crawler to the Floating Rope Ladder and Bermuda Triangle, this system offers a fitness play experience that makes exercise fun and engaging!

Phase Building

This easy-to-install system includes a linkable design that’s perfect for building in phases. With NRG Builders, simply connect the next phase of your playground or add on more events as your budget allows, to provide an unforgettable playground for your community.

Modular System

This line’s modular design offers the ability to connect with traditional post and platform play structures to add additional opportunities for play, making it a great choice for smaller budgets. The deckless system provides clear lines of sight so supervision by parents, teachers, or caregivers is a breeze!

Twice the Fun

NRG Builders double-sided components and open design provide easy access from any side for all kids to join in the fun. Opportunities for hands-on play encourages sensory development while the large area means several children can play at once, providing opportunities for social skills to flourish.

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NRG Builders®

Helping Kids Learn, Grow, and Stay Healthy

Customized Play with Physical Activity

NRG Builders equipment is durable, colorful, and encourages children to get active by having fun. The components of these systems can help kids develop a life-long love of exercise. NRG Builders offer many components to help you build a playground that offers the opportunity to build healthy lifestyles in your community.

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