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Colorful Designs that Maximize Your Space & Budget

With a small footprint and over 350 component options, Play Builders® is an affordable, durable play system that delivers big on play. Our most flexible system in terms of modularity and price, Play Builders® will keep kids of all ages engaged and ready for adventure!

Little Tikes Commercial works with budgets large and small to provide high-quality playgrounds without sacrificing quality or price. Our decades of playground experience are reflected in Play Builders® safe, innovative design, supplemented with input from the experts, so you can make a sound investment in your community’s future.

The Play Builders system includes over 350 components and compression-molded panels for customization, and a rainbow of colors to design the playground of your dreams! Play Builders’s direct connect system is engineered to be connected on-site for easy installation and include large 40” decks for smaller footprints and budget-friendly configurations.

With Little Tikes Commercial’s dedication to inclusivity, all Play Builders equipment is ADA compliant and incredibly safe and durable with 3.5” (89) O.D. sturdy, galvanized steel posts, 11-gauge steel decks and platforms, and stainless steel hardware for rust and corrosion resistance.

Easy on the Budget

Small spaces are no problem for the Play Builders system. Focusing on flexibility, these structures offer affordable, modular designs perfect for any playground. The Play Builders One-Piece Spiral Slide is an all-in-one component that brings some fun to even a limited play area, while the Infinity® Axis climber provides a compact climbing experience, and encourages children to build their strength.

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Durable & Safe

Designed to for years to come, the Play Builders 3.5” (89) O.D. super sturdy, galvanized steel posts and thick, 11-gauge steel decks and platforms add strength, safety, and durability. Its stainless steel hardware is used for added rust and corrosion resistance. All Play Builders equipment is also ADA compliant to provide inclusive play for children of all abilities.

Play Builders®

Fun, Flexible & Affordable

Something for Everyone in Your Community

Adapt your playground to the needs of your children, budget, and environment. Whether you’re dealing with a unique environmental challenge, or need a playground that’s inclusive as well as ADA-compliant, Play Builders® is the right choice. Designed to save you both time and money, Play Builder’s direct connect system is engineered to be connected on-site for easy installation with variable site conditions. With hundreds of components designed to offer fun and opportunities for increased childhood learning and development, Play Builders provides an affordable option, without sacrificing play value or fun.

Little Tikes Commercial works with schools, places of worship, daycares, parks and recreation, community centers, communities, and other organizations to build the playgrounds of their dreams. Whether you have space concerns, are on a limited budget or have a unique vision for your playground, we’re here to help.