A Little Tikes Commercial outdoor play structure.


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Vertical Designs for Small Spaces

Towering over other play systems with slides reaching up to 17’4”, the SkyBuilders play systems take adventure to a whole new level. Maximize your space by building vertically. SkyBuilders’ enclosed decks and large slides ensure lots of challenges and thrills, without the need for extensive space. Safe and innovative, with cutting-edge design, SkyBuilders includes multiple configurations and easily links to other Little Tikes Commercial Play Structures.

The SkyBuilders system easily links to Kid Builders® and Gelefish® Structures to provide a variety of affordable customizations and opportunities for play! This system’s universally accessible staircase gives ample room for kids of all abilities to transition safely throughout the play system and includes super sturdy galvanized posts, full-enclosed decks, and tamper-resistant stainless steel hardware to ensure the highest levels of safety. SkyBuilders exclusive post and clamp system uses non-slip steel clamp to allow for easy adjustments to variable site conditions—making installation easier than ever!

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Fully-Enclosed Decks

The SkyBuilders system’s enclosed decks offer additional space for play and can be great ways for children to build social skills and confidence as they engage in imaginative play safely off the ground. SkyBuilders can be configured to include multiple deck levels and can be combined with activity panels to offer additional levels of play within a small footprint.

Little girls running up sky builders stairs

Slides, Climbers & Tunnels

Encourage kids to engage in active play while facing new challenges! SkyBuilders slides, climbers, and tunnels offer endless opportunities for imagination and play, all while working to improve children’s social, cognitive, and physical development. Tunnels can be a great way for children to move from one level to another in a safer way, while SkyBuilders’s enclosed slides and decks provide safe enrichment.



Vertical Play at Affordable Prices

Bring Innovation to Your Space

Challenge kids to take play to new heights with SkyBuilders unique design and exciting play events. ADA-compliant and designed for inclusive play, these structures are fun for everyone in your community. SkyBuilders also offers many components which can be combined with Kid Builders® or Gelefish® structures for added fun. Saving you both time and money, SkyBuilders exclusive post and clamp system makes installation even easier with non-slip steel clamps for easy adjustments to variable site conditions.

Little Tikes Commercial has decades of experience helping schools, parks, recreation areas, communities, housing communities, condo boards, daycares, churches, and other organizations build exciting, safe, and durable playgrounds that get children excited about having fun.

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