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Outdoor Fitness Equipment

A big part of any playground is the ability of these play spaces to encourage active play and exercise. As children spend hours in the classroom and in front of televisions and video games, it becomes more important than ever before to ensure they get the exercise they need to stay healthy and fit.

Little Tikes Commercial offers a wide range of outdoor fitness equipment for kids ages 14 and up and adults. View all of our products and request a quote!


Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Who Can Benefit from Outdoor Fitness Equipment Playgrounds?

Kids and adults alike can enjoy the benefits of fitness equipment in play spaces! From helping your community to stay active to teaching kids new skills, this dynamic equipment is fun and functional. Read more below to discover how fitness equipment can benefit your community.

Schools, Churches & Homeowners Associations

Promote active play and a healthy lifestyle to students ages 10 years and older by incorporating children’s exercise equipment in your school’s playground. Kids can experience a variety of different exercises, and the equipment can be easily incorporated into your school’s physical education and sports training programs for increased value.

Playgrounds provide a great opportunity for your religious community to come together. Fitness equipment can appeal to church youth groups, teens, and even adults to stay active while having fun.

Homeowners associations and park playgrounds used by both children and adults are an ideal space to incorporate fitness equipment. This equipment encourages healthy exercise and active lifestyles to your community.

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Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Fitness Fun for All Ages

Learn the Benefits of Outdoor Fitness Equipment for Adults and Children

Incorporating outdoor fitness equipment for kids 14+ and adults into your playground provides a space for active play, encourages positive perspectives on exercise, and can prepare children for team sports. Fitness equipment also appeals to older children, while offering opportunities for adults in your community to enjoy healthy exercise.

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