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Educated design and educated planning build your playground one set at a time.

At Little Tikes Commercial, we specifically design play structures to provide a clear line of sight so teachers can keep an eye on children at all times. Our independent components provide a variety of challenges that are developmentally appropriate. Our high quality and durable materials stand up to daily use. Our free design services help you visualize your playground and rally support from volunteers and contributors. We help you identify the best financing, fundraising, and grant opportunities to fund your playground. We show you how to budget your playground in phases to maximize your investment in the short and long term.

Key Features

Clear Line of Sight

We specifically design play structures to provide a clear line of sight so teachers can keep an eye on children at all times.

Developmentally appropriate

Independent components provide a variety of challenges that are developmentally appropriate.

High Quality

Our high quality and durable materials stand up to daily use.

Play: An Important Part of School

Little Tikes Commercial has been creating commercial playground equipment for schools for more than 30 years, and we have learned a great deal about the benefits of playgrounds and play. For school children, play at recess offers several important advantages:

  • It offers a break from studies. No one can study all the time, and recess offers a break so children do not get overwhelmed or overstressed. Recess gives children a chance to get away from the books for a while and return to the classroom refreshed and better able to focus.
  • It encourages exercise. Physical activity is important for overall health and for mental acuity. Playground equipment gives children many ways to exercise, run around, get fresh air and stay active.
  • It generates fun. Children should be children. Recess gives children the ability to enjoy themselves.
  • It provides another space to excel. Playgrounds give children another place to make friends and to be themselves, which is important in encouraging inclusion and confidence.
  • It provides learning opportunities outside the classroom. Activity panels and other parts of the playground allow children to experience learning in a different way than they learn inside the classroom.
  • It encourages creativity, cooperation and other skills not necessarily taught inside. Recess is a time for children to learn about social skills, imaginative play and other skill types that may not always be taught during regular school hours.

Choosing the Right Outdoor Play Equipment for Schools


With playground equipment being so important for schools, it is crucial to choose high-quality structures. Little Tikes Commercial offers outdoor school playground equipment designed to last. Our equipment is built from the strongest materials and with the most exacting standards.

Little Tikes Commercial structures are designed to stay looking great year after year. They are created to withstand different types of weather and heavy use, while maintaining integrity and safety. All of our playground equipment for schools is created by professional engineers and is tested through a rigorous process to ensure its safety and durability.

The Benefits of School Age Playground Equipment


The right playground equipment at schools can encourage several growth and development in several areas, including:

  • Physical. School play equipment encourages children to stay active, which can encourage physical growth and strength development. Children who play on a school playground may develop balance, muscle strength and other physical acuity.
  • Social. Social development is an important part of recess. Some school playground equipment is especially designed for encouraging social play and cooperation. For example, a Counter Panel allows children to pretend to run a store, meaning children have to cooperate as one person acts as a proprietor and one person acts as a customer. Children have to learn their roles and work together to play this way, developing shared rules and working together on the game. These same skills can then be used for other social situations.
  • Intellectual. Some playgrounds for schools are designed to improve intellectual capabilities. Equipment may include numbers, letters or other opportunities for learning, so children can work on literacy, math skills and other educational attainment, helping them build on what they learn in the classroom.
  • Mental and emotional. School playground equipment allows children to develop their emotional and mental skills by encouraging them to play together or alone. Playground equipment at recess encourages children to play independently and to overcome fears. For example, children may learn to climb on overhead structures, overcoming a fear of heights and becoming more fearless in exploring the world on their own.

Little Tikes Commercial offers a range of individual playground equipment and playground structures to help children develop fully while staying safe. Because Little Tikes Commercial recognizes the cost of playground equipment for schools can be a concern, we work hard to offer financing options, leasing and other solutions.

We take our role as school playground equipment suppliers seriously, and we do everything we can to provide your children with an exceptional playground experience. If you would like to discuss playground equipment or your school’s specific needs, contact Little Tikes Commercial to speak to a representative.

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