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At Little Tikes Commercial, we specialize in manufacturing playground equipment that sparks children’s imagination and inspires them to play while keeping them safe. However, it takes more than playground equipment to make a space complete. If you’re looking for a few accessories to round out your commercial playground, you’ll find a variety of options from Little Tikes Commercial.

From fitness equipment to site amenities, sometimes the smallest details make a playground, park, or recreational area feel like the perfect space. Learn more about durable, quality accessories when you contact us.

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Adding Playground Accessories to Your Play Area

Accessories from Little Tikes Commercial are an integral part of any commercial play area’s design. They allow schools, daycares, places of worship, and communities to complete their playgrounds with details that enhance the play experience.

Many accessories go unnoticed and serve a more utilitarian purpose. Trash receptacle toppers, such as dome tops and recycle flat tops, ensure your site stays neat and tidy and waste goes in the proper place. We offer a variety of fire rings and other site amenities so that your park or playground can better serve the needs of your community’s families.

Among our accessories, we also offer a wide selection of fitness equipment for both children and adults. Pull-up bars, single balance beams, and ab benches inspire guests to get active and stay healthy.

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The Benefits of Commercial-Grade Playground Accessories

Whether you’re keeping your play areas clean and litter-free or adding fitness components to your site, commercial-grade accessories from Little Tikes Commercial are designed to further enhance your existing playground. Each item features a unique, functional design that can seamlessly blend with your existing playground equipment. You can also utilize these options if you’re in the process of planning and designing your dream play space.

We understand that each element included in your play area is an investment. That’s why our outdoor fitness equipment and site amenities are crafted to last for years to come. Durability and safety are the hallmarks of our design. We use superior construction methods as well as resilient, nontoxic materials. Many of our accessories also have anti-corrosion coatings that can stand up to the outdoor elements without mold, decay, or deterioration.

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For decades, Little Tikes Commercial has helped community centers, schools, homeowners associations, and places of worship design and create their dream play spaces from the ground up. While we specialize in imaginative and creative playgrounds, we also understand the important role that durable, versatile accessories can play in the creation of your play area. Besides these functional components, we also have a wide variety of commercial playground structures, such as swings, slides, bridges, tunnels, climbers, overheads, and so much more.

Whether you’re looking for functional accessories to complete your play area or playground elements designed to ignite the imagination and get children moving and playing, we can help. Contact us today and request a quote for your ideal playground solution.

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