Activity wall panels are an excellent source of sensory play and social engagement for kids of all ages. With a range of activities targeting skills from physical and creative to cognitive and social, each play panel provides a fun way for children to learn together. Little Tikes Commercial playground panels are geared toward a variety of kids, offering fun entertainment and learning opportunities for everyone from toddlers to older children.

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What Are Activity Panels?

Activity panels, also known as playground learning walls, are designed to provide a developmentally stimulating experience for children as they play. They incorporate fun elements, bright colors, and interesting textures along with challenging concepts, resulting in playtime that’s engaging and educational.

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Activity panels are a natural and exciting way for children to play together. Even very young children will find it an organic way to make friends and collaborate with others as they solve problems and discover how each activity panel works. Creativity and imagination are often sparked by both solo and team play, giving kids the chance to learn and grow together.

Types of Activity Panels Available

Little Tikes Commercial offers an extensive selection of activity panels perfect for use in schools, playgrounds, neighborhoods, and more. Each of our activity panels is accessible, as part of our mission to create inclusive playgrounds that can be enjoyed by kids of all ages and abilities. We encourage inclusive play and help foster a welcoming environment for everybody. Some of our interactive panels are designed specifically for the visually impaired, such as Braille panels.

Our learning walls are designed to be social spaces that encourage teamwork, imagination, and creativity. We want kids to have fun while they’re learning! Options include:

  • Math and science-themed panels: We’ve created a range of activity play panels that focus on introducing kids to foundational math and science concepts. As they play with a life-size thermometer wall, practice using a steel abacus, or learn the basics of heat index and wind chill, they’ll develop an understanding of these concepts framed in an atmosphere of fun.
  • Sound and music activity panels: Sensory activity panels give children a chance to interact with musical concepts on the playground. They can develop an ear for sound and experience sensory development through regular play activities.
  • Cognitive activity panels: From sign language and clock panels to memory and matching activities, our panels offer plenty of opportunities for cognitive development. Kids can sharpen their critical thinking and cognitive awareness through solo or group play.
  • Tactile panels: Each of our panels offer a textured experience for their young users, helping kids develop sensory awareness and become engaged with the world around them. Some of our panels are specifically geared toward this sensory experience, designed with children’s tactile experience in mind. These may be perfect for kids who need to become more in tune with their senses, or for children with disabilities.
  • Much, much more! Browse our product line to discover the range of activity panels we offer.

Developmental Benefits of Activity Panels

Playground activity panels are more than just fun toys — they offer many developmental benefits for kids of all ages. By using these play systems, children can:

  • Learn: Whether they’re learning strategy with tic-tac-toe, practicing the alphabet, or discovering the wonder of the solar system, each outdoor activity panel is a learning experience for children.
  • Get creative: Many of our panels offer creative problem-solving opportunities in which kids have to implement critical thinking and an out-of-the-box approach to play. Others bring kids to an imaginative world, such as the bow of a ship or an animal corral. These play panels give kids an opportunity to let their imaginations fly and play make-believe.
  • Make friends: As they discover how to use an activity panel, kids can collaborate, and solve problems. Even young kids can enjoy building social skills and developing key abilities such as sharing, waiting turns, and communicating what they want.
  • Have fun: Activity panels teach kids that learning doesn’t have to be boring! Each of our play structures is designed to be enjoyable, engaging, and bright, encouraging kids to associate classroom concepts with fun playtime experiences.

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