The right playground climbers can encourage children to reach higher, climb farther, and discover the magic outside. Little Tikes Commercial offers a line of creative playground climbers that embrace both fun and safety. Each Little Tikes Commercial climber is designed with children of all abilities and age ranges in mind, resulting in inclusive playgrounds where all kids can play side by side.

Browse our line of playground climbing structures and read on to learn more about the types of structures we offer — and why this style of outdoor play is such a game-changer.

Types of Climbers Available

Little Tikes Commercial has created a range of fixtures to take your climbing playground to the next level. Our climbers can be custom-made to suit your needs and bring color, life, and imagination to your playground. Each type offers unique developmental benefits — some are designed to provide a challenge while others are perfect for younger users.

Depending on the size and layout of your space, you may wish to consider more independent freestanding structures or large connected structures that allow children to maximize the playground area. We’ve got a little something for everyone.

Available types of climbing playground equipment include:

  • Freestanding climbers: Our freestanding climbers give children an extra challenge — and give buyers the utmost flexibility. Install a new freestanding climber or replace an old one to revitalize your play structures.
  • Net climbers: Perfect for older users who are still enjoying the playground, net climbers are the ultimate choice for naturally playful children. Kids will use our net climbers to reach the top of the structure, with varying levels of difficulty.
  • Pod climbers: As one of our freestanding play structures, pod climbers encourage upper body strength and balance within the secure structure of rubber-coated steel.
  • Dome climbers: Geometric and swirling patterns mean double the fun and double the effort! Kids love our curved play structures, such as the crazy straw climber and curly climber.
  • Climbing walls and panel climbers: Whether curved, rock, or a climbing cargo net, climbing walls give kids a dynamic dexterity challenge. They can build upper body strength while developing better balance and instincts with selecting the best climbing holds.

Our line of climbers also includes several themed options, such as a series of wood-themed structures. From the Tree Stump climber to the Nu-Edge X Lumberjack Climber, kids can get in touch with nature while completing challenges designed to encourage dexterity, balance, and critical thinking.

Most of our playground equipment is designed for multiple users so children can play alongside each other and develop strong social skills — no need to wait for one-at-a-time play. This dynamic encourages children to attempt new, challenging obstacles with peers by their side.

Playground Equipment That’s Built to Last

Each Little Tikes Commercial product is built with the highest quality durable materials. We design playgrounds that generations of kids can explore for years to come. Our climbers are made to be used time and again, with wear and weather-resistant material that’s easy to maintain and clean. When considering which options are best for your space, give us a call. We can walk you through the best materials and equipment styles for your needs.

The Benefits of Outdoor Play

Commercial playground climbers are made to bring kids delight and joy — but you’ll find that playtime is about much more than just having fun. Outdoor play has a host of health benefits, helping children discover new things, connect with nature, build relationships with others, and develop strong cognitive and physical abilities.

The benefits of outdoor play cover every aspect of a child’s developmental needs:

  • Physical: Climbing playground equipment is the most fun workout possible. Kids will love exercising their bodies as they build upper body strength and dexterity.
  • Emotional: Climbing equipment offers many challenges for children to overcome. Learning how to climb a wall, conquer a boulder, balance on the rope, or summit the tallest peak will help children develop confidence in their abilities. As they face their fears and conquer the obstacles in front of them, they’ll find their inner strength and discover the joys of reaching a goal.
  • Cognitive: In addition to physical strength, playing on climbing equipment requires cognitive abilities. Balancing, timing, motor skills, and creative thinking all come into play through these climbing challenges.
  • Sensory: Tactile play structures give kids the chance to get in touch with their bodies and the world around them. Nature, material textures, and the sights, smells, and sounds of the playground bring their five senses to life.
  • Social: Playgrounds are inherently social spheres, particularly when it comes to the intentional inclusivity of Little Tikes Commercial products. As kids play together, they develop fundamental social skills including communication, sharing, waiting for their turn, and collaborating to solve problems.

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Our climbing equipment is used in parks and school playgrounds across the world. We’re committed to providing opportunities for children and families to discover the joy of the outdoors while developing physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially through the power of play. Little Tikes Commercial play structures provide a range of custom opportunities, including color options and styles designed to fit your space.

Interested in learning more about our playground climbers? Contact us today to ask any questions or request a quote.

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