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At Little Tikes Commercial, we want every child to be moved by the wonder of imaginative play. Back and forth or round and round — motion event elements enhance the playground experience by adding fun and energy to any space and encouraging kids to stay active and master new skills. Many of our motion events can be enjoyed by several children at once for maximum playability.

So get ready, grab on, and enjoy our diverse and unique selection of motion events. Choose motion event products for your daycare, school, or place of worship with Little Tikes Commercial.

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Adding Playground Motion Events

Motion events make a valuable addition to any playground. Children love the thrill of spinning, rocking, bouncing, and gliding. Our motion event elements encourage active engagement during playtime. Freestanding spinners, spring riders, zip lines, moving rope climbers, and other motion events can be added to your play area at any time to boost its appeal and update the fun level.

Little Tikes Commercial offers a wide variety of motion events and sensory playground equipment. Spring riders such as Nectar the Bee and our Four-Seat Teeter inspire kids to use their imagination while also facilitating social play. For a more thrilling experience, check out our Maypole or Zoomtwist — both designed to encourage strength, coordination, and balance while kids are having a blast. We also offer inclusive motion events, like our Rail-Rider and Rock’N Ship Glider, to ensure your playground is welcoming to kids of all abilities.

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The Benefits of Motion Event Elements From Little Tikes Commercial

As children play, they develop important sensory skills. Rotating, spinning, and other forms of motion help little movers develop spatial awareness, learn how their bodies move against gravity, and experience how much force is needed for an activity. They also strengthen muscles and joints to help maintain balance and body posture.

With motion event elements, like spinners, spring riders, and seesaws, children learn the concepts of cause and effect and develop balance and coordination. These playground activities also encourage kids to take turns, developing patience and self-regulation skills. Other motion events require children to work together, allowing them to learn cooperation in play.

At Little Tikes Commercial, we design playground equipment that’s durable, beautiful, and just plain fun. Whether you’re introducing some new play equipment into your play area or designing a new playground, our commercial-grade motion events are designed using superior construction methods and nontoxic materials that will stand up to the elements. With unique designs, stimulating colors, and exciting features, our selection of motion events will awaken the wonder of imaginative play.

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Motion Event

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At Little Tikes Commercial, we design playground solutions that are affordable, fun, and functional. Besides our wide assortment of motion events, we offer other playground components to build your ideal playground, including ramps, bridges, tunnels, climbers, slides, swings, and so much more.

A universe of play possibilities awaits. Browse our products online or contact us to get a customized quote for your ideal playground solution.

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