At Little Tikes Commercial, we want to see children reach new heights. That’s why we’ve developed a unique selection of playground overheads and challenge bars. With these installations, kids can push their limits and climb even higher.

Playground overhead elements, such as overhead ladders, fun wheels, and pull-up rings, consist of horizontally mounted grips that children can grab, hang, or swing from as they travel from one playground component to another. These fun yet challenging obstacles set the stage for a lifetime of fitness and teach kids to face challenges head-on. Plus, they help kids push their bodies, minds, and imaginations to new heights.

Bring some fun overhead fixtures to your school, community, or place of worship with Little Tikes Commercial.

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Adding Playground Overheads and Challenge Bars

Few playground classics are as recognizable as the monkey bars. At Little Tikes Commercial, we bring a unique twist to that original concept, designing our overhead elements to serve as fun, challenging structures that blend seamlessly with the other components of your play area. Due to their extreme popularity, challenge bars come in a variety of patterns and styles — some with curved paths and others with unique grips.

Overhead play elements like our “S” Challenge Ladder, the Inline Rail, or our Bowed Challenge Ladder offer new takes on the classic monkey bar concept. The exciting designs entice kids to grab on and swing from one rung to the next. Introduce new skills and added excitement to the playground with our Fun Wheels or 360° Overhead Ladder. From loops to circles to double rings, our overhead components can be freestanding features or serve as bridges between play equipment.

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The Benefits of Overheads for Playgrounds From Little Tikes Commercial

Overhead play elements inspire healthy bodies while offering unique thrills that keep children engaged and active. Challenge bars and pull-up rings help build key muscle groups, setting even the youngest adventurers up for a lifetime of better fitness. Climbing and pulling against gravity improves arm muscle strength and grip strength. It also stimulates tactile and visual senses, helping kids develop hand and eye coordination, body control, and depth perception.

Beyond that, overhead equipment is exciting. As kids overcome these often challenging elements, they’ll gain a sense of accomplishment and pride that comes with reaching lofty new heights.

At Little Tikes Commercial, we design playground components to be durable, aesthetically pleasing, and just plain fun. Whether you’re introducing a new play component or improving your existing playground, we design our commercial-grade overhead elements with unparalleled quality. Our superior construction methods and durable materials stand the test of time. Details like anti-corrosion coatings that are mold- and decay-resistant ensure your overhead elements last for years to come. Our overheads also come in a variety of fun, stimulating colors.

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