Playground slides are one of the first pieces of playground equipment many kids try out. What could be more thrilling than climbing to the top of the slide and then coasting all the way down? At Little Tikes Commercial, we offer a variety of commercial playground slides to fit any playground design or theme.

Commercial Playground Slides

There are many advantages to including one or more commercial playground slides in your play area. Slides can:

  • Boost Children’s Confidence: Slides can help children conquer fears of heights or new experiences. Slides make climbing high and sliding down lots of fun, so kids can work on emotional development and balance as they play.
  • Improve Sensory Development Kids on a slide get to experience the wind on their face and the sun on their skin. Some slides even have a textured surface to engage a child’s sense of touch. Kids on slides get to see the world from a new perspective, too, so slides can engage physical, kinesthetic and visual senses.
  • Reward Kids for Being Active: Slides help with physical development. They encourage kids to climb up to the slide, which can be an adventure on its own! They also ask kids to balance and to sit up and lean into the slide, which can build gross motor skills. Climbing up a ladder can also work on strength and finer motor skills. Since children are rewarded for their climb with a slide, they may get excited about climbers and movement, which can help them embrace an active lifestyle.
  • Teach Valuable Social Skills: Kids must take turns on slides, which encourages them to build social skills and communication skills.

Types of Playground Slides

Little Tikes Commercial has many kinds of playground slides for you to choose for your apartment complex, park, green space, school, recreation area, place of worship or other community space. In addition to traditional single slides, stainless-steel slides and toddler slides, we offer:

  • Colossus Slides: Have three slides so kids can slide with their friends at the same time
  • Curved, Wave and Elbow Slides: Add a little twist to the experience
  • Double Wide Slides: Allow two children to slide at once
  • Spiral Slides: Extend the experience and are perfect for heights or spaces where a small footprint is needed
  • Tunnel Slides: Enclose children as they head downward
  • Tunnel Spiral Slides: Combine tunnel and spiral slide experiences for extra excitement
  • Hypersonic Slides: Have an extra-long descent for added thrills
  • Morphus Slides: Morph from tunnel slides to open slides
  • Quantum Slides: Have multiple colors to engage kids visually
  • Roller Slides: Appeal to children’s sense of touch and create a fun sound during play
  • Double and Triple-Entry Slides: Allow kids to choose which slide they want to head down next

Our design team can work with you to ensure you get the exact slide you want for your play area. We have a range of colors and materials to choose from, too, such as durable plastic in a rainbow of shades to customize the look. Whether you want a single slide or multiple slides to let more kids play, Little Tikes Commercial can help you design your ideal play space.

Little Tikes Commercial Can Help You Design your Next Playground

Contact Little Tikes Commercial and talk to our design team about your playground and slide project. Whether you’re building a playground from scratch or updating an existing play area, we can help you find the right slides and can even help with climbers, ladders and surfacing for the ultimate slide experience for all kids on your playground.

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