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Outdoor Tunnels

Outdoor playground crawl tunnels come in all shapes, sizes, colors and styles — yet they all share something in common. From straight crawl tunnels to curved and themed tubes, they add extra opportunity for discovery and wonder. As children of all abilities explore your playground and its equipment, they’ll interact with others, play, exercise, and develop important motor skills.

Little Tikes Commercial offers a dynamic line of outdoor playground tunnels, including criss-cross tunnels, curved and straight crawls, and an animal-themed tube. You can browse our selection below.


Outdoor Tunnels

How Tunnels Can Enhance Your Playground

Commercial playground tubes and tunnels help children develop their motor skills through movements such as crawling or scooting. A tunnel also encourages exercise and play, which offer other emotional and physical benefits. In general, having plastic tunnels and tubes for playgrounds enhances play by providing a generous, enclosed space for an additional playtime challenge. Incorporate one into your local playground for benefits such as:

  • Motor Skill Development: Playground crawl tubes provide an excellent challenge to help children develop key motor skills. When climbing through a tunnel, children use intentional actions that require them to control their arm and leg movements. Whether they’re maneuvering through our straight crawl tunnel or balancing through our incline crawl tunnel, they’ll strengthen their spatial and body movement awareness.
  • Exercise: There are a variety of popular playground equipment pieces that offer different forms of physical challenge, such as climbing walls or balancing ropes. Tunnels provide another unique opportunity for exercise. As children crawl or scoot through playground tubes, they must exert their arms and legs for a well-rounded physical effort.
  • Problem Solving: Limited movement of arms and legs encourages children to brainstorm new and creative ways to escape tight places. 
  • Sensory Stimulation: Through sensory play, children can explore their world and learn how to be successful in it. Our playground tubes and tunnels give kids an enriching experience full of vibrant color, texture, and light. Playground tunnels encourage users to develop and hone their senses through self-led exploration. The more children play, the more they develop the skills necessary to impact the world around them.
  • Play Time: Last but certainly not least, tunnels are fun! Children can use them to enhance playtime in a number of ways. Whether kids are crawling, hiding, or racing, tunnels are an exciting and interactive piece of playground equipment. They can be used for either solo or group play, and they offer a welcoming space for children to get away from a crowd if they’re feeling overwhelmed on the playground. The enclosed nature of a tunnel can stir children’s imaginations to create different worlds or engaging scenarios.
  • Encourage Imagination and Social Interaction: Through playful interaction on tube playground equipment, children can turn make-believe ideas into real-life scenarios. Tunnels can be thrilling spaces where children can explore and imagine other worlds. Playground tunnels can also be used as quiet, safe havens where children are able to self-regulate their emotions and return to play when they are ready.


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Outdoor Tunnels

ADA-Compliant Outdoor Playground Tubes and Tunnels

From animal crawl tunnels to S-shaped tunnels to incline tunnels, Little Tikes Commercial offers a wide selection of ADA-compliant playground tubes and tunnels. Many can be placed on or near the ground to serve as ADA-compliant components. ADA-compliant means that you must have a space equipped with playground structures that people with limited mobility — who are in wheelchairs or other mobility devices — can access.

In the 1980s, the American Disabilities Act (ADA) was created to ensure that Americans with disabilities would be able to have equal access to public spaces. In 2010, the act was updated with further regulations on play spaces. Because failure to comply with ADA requirements can result in legal action or fines, it’s essential to make sure any playground equipment you choose for your community space is ADA-compliant. 

Inclusive and accessible tunnels, swings, climbers, and other playground equipment ensure that caregivers and children with disabilities can access your playground and enjoy the exciting elements of play. 


Outdoor Tunnels

How to Incorporate Tubes for Playgrounds

There are several ways to incorporate playground crawl tubes into your space. Whether you envision them standing alone, connecting with other pieces of equipment, or accompanying pre-existing tunnels, they can enhance your playground’s style and boost the fun for all! Consider incorporating tubes as:

Connecting Structures

The versatility of tunnels makes them a valuable addition to your playground. The sky’s the limit — you can use them to connect decks or other playground equipment to form a larger playground structure. You’ll have the option to connect same-level pieces or use structures at different heights for an added challenge. At Little Tikes Commercial, we can work with you to install a playground tunnel that connects two modules for a custom look.

Independent Equipment Pieces

A tunnel can also serve as an effective stand-alone piece to add to your existing playground structures. You may already have fun pieces of equipment such as slides, activity panels, and climbers. Including a tunnel in the mix can give children another way to gain valuable exercise and playtime.

Aesthetic Pieces

Little Tikes Commercial outdoor play tunnels are visually appealing structures that can enhance the look and feel of your playground. Our tubes feature multiple colors, smooth plastic contouring, circular peepholes, and more. Each tunnel is professionally designed to bolster your playground’s appeal, with customization options to help them fit your school or community. You can use a tunnel as a statement piece or as a cohesive part of your playground design.

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Outdoor Tunnels

Why Purchase Your Playground Tunnel from Little Tikes Commercial?

Little Tikes Commercial offers a wide range of tubes and tunnels designed with playgrounds in mind. We’re a leading supplier of playground equipment, having built a reputation for following high quality and safety standards. Our team is comprised of dedicated, hard-working professionals who are committed to creating fun environments for children.

Of course, our vision goes far beyond fun — we strive to create equipment that will help children learn, grow, and imagine. We recognize the importance of playtime, so we want children to unlock their imaginations and enjoy the many benefits of playtime, too! Tubes and tunnels are a key part of our inclusive playgrounds, with straightforward designs and styles for a simple installation process.

No matter which style of tunnel you choose, when you purchase from Little Tikes Commercial, you’ll get prompt customer service, long-lasting quality, high safety standards, and unique playground structures.

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