8' Visual Sensory Safety Rails with Ramp (200203707)

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8′ Visual Sensory Safety Rails with Ramp

Product #: 200203707

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Interactive activities at a variety of heights as well as an extra wide ramp ensure that any child, regardless of ability or age, can experience the delights of this Visual Sensory Safety Rail. Transparent shapes engage toddlers and pre-teens alike by how they interact with sunlight and inspire new ideas. Helmets with ocean and space-themed graphics immerse kids in the experience, fueling their imaginations and building their senses for richer play.
These sensory safety rails are built for kids ages 2 through 12, and are available in three lengths: 6’, 8’, and 12’. 6’ rails have a maximum incline of 6” between decks, 8’ rails have a maximum inline of 8” between decks, and 12’ rails have a maximum incline of 12” between decks. Each length attaches to deck heights from 24” to 96”. Pre-galvanized steel tubing and sheet steel are welded to form the long-lasting structure, while sheet plastic, clear polycarbonate, and alum tubing constitute the rest of the components. Kid Builders® clamps and included hardware mount the rails to the posts.
Little Tikes Commercial partnered with Unlimited Play to create these sensory safety rails that help foster a more inclusive environment on the playground. Unlimited Play is a non-profit organization that rallies communities around a higher set of values while working together to build environments where individuals on all levels can connect for a common cause.

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