Clatter Bridge with Guard Rails (200007039)
Clatter Bridge with Guard Rails (200007039)
Clatter Bridge with Guard Rails (200007039)
Clatter Bridge with Guard Rails (200007039)


Clatter Bridge with Guard Rails

Product #: 200007039

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Add an exciting new feature for adventure-loving kids to your playground. The Clatter Bridge from Little Tikes Commercial gives kids access to a challenging new method to get from one playground structure to the next so the fun never stops. Our clatter bridge with guard rails is compatible with both our Kidbuilders® and Playbuilders® play systems.

The Clatter Bridge can provide an added dimension of adventurous fun as kids explore the novelty of walking over a moving surface and learn to balance despite the motion. With this bridge, getting to the next playground feature becomes part of the fun and may even transform into a new favorite activity.

The Clatter Bridge from Little Tikes Commercial is fun for children of all ages. This playground bridge has guard rails at multiple levels, putting them within easy reach of children of all heights and sizes. This bridge is equipped for children ages two to 12.

Maneuvering over the Clatter Bridge is more than just a fun activity. It builds up essential muscle groups and helps children develop stronger balance and coordination skills. Kids can have fun getting to and from playground activities while strengthening fundamental life skills.

The Clatter Bridge with guard rails is an ideal way to encourage movement without pausing the fun by offering a productive and engaging way to get from one activity to the next while on the schoolyard or at the playground.

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