Clever Climbers - Jump Start! (200201330)

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Clever Climbers – Jump Start!

Product #: 200201330


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This all-in-one piece of equipment allows kids of all ages to climb, slide, and play together on a big structure. This Jump Start playground from Little Tikes Commercial provides endless entertainment for children of all ages.

Its features and sensory experiences offer kids countless ways to interact and explore while playing together.

The Clever Climbers Jump Start playground offers unlimited ways to play. Kids can climb multiple stair sets and walk down an alley to get to a fun slide at the end before making their way through the playground all over again. Children ages two to 12 can enjoy playing on this unique and entertaining playground structure.

The Jump Start playground is large enough for multiple kids to play on at once, making it ideal for children to interact and build strong social skills.

This Jump Start playground also gives kids a fun and enriching playground experience by offering ample opportunity for them to create their own narratives as they play. This structure provides them with endless possibilities for pretend play, letting them play out their own imagined scenarios, either alone or with their peers.

Purchase a Clever Climbers Jump Start playground from Little Tikes Commercial to add an element of creative fun to your playground.

Patented: USD594079

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