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Exceeding Playground Potential

…with NRG Kinetics™!

Our new collection expands NRG Builders® to bring new excitement to the playground. With fitness challenges that put a child’s skills and imagination to the test, these structures make for the perfect modern addition to any playground.

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Unlimited Play bridge or ramp with tactile rails.

Strike the Senses

Unlimited Play Sensory Safety Rails

In collaboration with Unlimited Play, we’ve created Unlimited Play Sensory Safety Rails to build more inclusive play spaces. Transparent shapes, marbles, chimes, and more work together to stir the imagination, empowering richer play that cultivates better relationships between people of all ages and abilities.

Include Unlimited Play Sensory Safety Rails in your next project!

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Barnyard (LT0900)

New Builds For More Skills

Expanding the Tot Builders Community

Designed for children ages 6 – 23 months but open to all, we’ve collaborated with experts in child development to add new, imaginative opportunities to our Tot Builders collection. Kids are able to practice and strengthen their physical, sensory, and cognitive skills in order to better interact with their community as they grow.

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Stacks on Stacks of Fun

Stax™ are versatile components that add an exciting climbing experience to your play space.

Stax offer contrasting colors to enhance imaginative play and provide extra grip through details in the rotomolded plastic. They are configurable for multiple age groups and can stand alone or connect to other structures in our PlayStax®, Play Builders®, Kid Builders®, and NU-Edge® systems.

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PlaySoleil™ (LTUN1254)


PlaySoleil® is the affordable, efficient solar lighting solution that can protect your play oasis from vandalism and other unwanted after-hours activity. This patent-pending, solar-powered light is designed to fit easily into the posts of new or existing playground structures. By shining light downward from atop the equipment, PlaySoleil illuminates playgrounds without adding to light pollution or requiring electricity.

Light the Night

NU-Edge® GSX

Reach the top with NU-Edge® GSX! With a small footprint and modern design, NU-Edge® GSX packs big fun in small spaces. GSX uses crisscrossing rope elements and the thrill of height for challenging climbs. Complete with a slide, ladders, and interior net, kids can find their own way to reach the top.

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Children exploring sensory playground panels

Unlimited Play Panels

Inspire Imagination

Inspired by the way kids naturally play with found objects, the Unlimited Play Panels provide children with unique opportunities to explore the world through their senses. Jam out with the Scrambled Scales, identify animals with Silly Faces, or celebrate with the Disco Party Panel. From art and music to cognitive development, these interactive play panels offer endless fun for everyone.

Experience the Wonder

Grand Strand

Reach New Heights with the Grand Strand

Designed for children ages 5 – 12, the Grand Strand provides endless climbing patterns for challenging play. Parents and kids alike will feel secure with the structure’s top-of-the-line safety features and easy line of sight.

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Children playing in a quiet grove structure.

Quiet Grove

We’ve created a cozy retreat by combining the calming essences of nature with sensory activities to help children ease the stress overstimulation can cause without having to leave the playground.

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