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Playground Sale

*Offer valid from January 8, 2024 to December 20, 2024 in the U.S. only. Free freight applies to the combined sale price purchase of $5,000 or above in promotional items. Any non-promotional items included in an order with promotional items do not qualify for free freight. Free freight available in the U.S. contiguous 48 states only. Orders must be received by December 20, 2024 and will be shipped at factory discretion. May not be combined with other offers, some exclusions apply. To order, contact your authorized Little Tikes Commercial representative. All play equipment must be installed over an appropriate impact absorbing surface that complies with ASTM standards–ask your Little Tikes Commercial representative about installation. Prices and colors subject to change without notice. All prices shown are in USD and do not include installation, surfacing, shipping, or appropriate sales tax. Designs shown meet ASTM certifications.

Playground Sale

Playground Equipment Styles

Your options are almost endless when searching for affordable on-sale playground structures. Whatever kind of playground you have in mind, we’ve likely got something special for you:

  • Full playgrounds: Purchase a fully designed and integrated playground for a budget price. Our full playgrounds offer an easy and affordable way to expand an existing playground or kick-start a brand new one.
  • Climbers: Full of developmental benefits and physical challenges, our on-sale climbers could make the perfect addition to your playground.
  • Swings: Our on-sale swing sets can be used for kids of all ages, often serving as the most flexible core component of a playground.

The Benefits of Buying Discount Playground Equipment

Interested in getting the best bang for your buck? Our playground sets for sale are designed to help organizations get the ultimate value for their money, and invest in quality, safe play structures at a lower cost. Perhaps you’re launching a new playground at a local school, public park, daycare center, housing development, or campground. Purchasing and furnishing a playground’s worth of durable, expertly designed equipment might feel like a stretch.

Maybe you’re expanding an existing playground and looking to provide new challenges on a small budget. Whatever your situation, our sales allow you to furnish your playground with quality equipment without paying full price for your components. You can provide outdoor fun for more children, helping them develop socially and grow healthy and strong.

Developmental Benefits of Outdoor Playtime

The developmental benefits of playgrounds in a young child’s life are monumental. Time spent on the playground allows them to build friendships, conquer physical challenges, and discover the magic of the outdoors. We’re offering playground sales as part of our commitment to providing these important developmental benefits to kids across the nation.

Whether they’re grasping new math concepts through activity panels or exerting themselves physically on a curved climber, playgrounds are an excellent place for kids to grow. Children can absorb the sensory experience of playground equipment and engage their auditory, visual, and tactile senses. They’ll learn to explore the world, use their imaginations, and play creatively with other children of different ages and abilities.

Whatever the location of your playground, your purchase of an outdoor on-sale play set gives you the opportunity to offer these benefits at a price that fits your budget. Organizations can make the most of these sales for an affordable purchase, including discounts and promotions.

Leasing & Financing Options

Our Little Tikes Commercial representatives would be happy to speak with you about leasing and financing options. We’re here to help discuss your budget and discover what’s possible. After all, premium playgrounds are today’s investment in children’s futures. With our transparent pricing, budget-friendly promotions, and bonus sales deals, we’ll work together to see how far your budget can go.

You should never have to compromise playground quality for the sake of an affordable price tag. Each of our playground equipment pieces is expertly designed and properly constructed to ensure the utmost safety for age-appropriate playground users. We’ll never sacrifice quality to help you get a deal. Instead, we’ve found ways to offer fantastic sales on popular items, so you can make the most of our structures without paying full price.

Quality You Can Count On

This variety of playground equipment is on sale, but that doesn’t mean we’re cutting corners when it comes to quality. You can rest assured that every discounted item was designed, engineered, and manufactured with the same commitment to excellence as all Little Tikes Commercial products.

Each piece was carefully tested and verified to ensure it has met or exceeded established industry safety standards. These include the guidelines set by national and international organizations like the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), Canadian Standard Association (CSA), and European Standard EN1176.

Each of our on-sale playground equipment items is targeted for a certain age group. These ranges include 2-5 years old, 2-12 years old, or 5-12 years old. Breaking down equipment into age groups allows us to be more intentional with the sizes, heights, and styles of each play structure. Equipment designed for older children, for example, may have bigger footholds and bigger climbers, allowing for an increased challenge as well as age-appropriate safety measures.

Each playground structure is designed in partnership with Unlimited Play to ensure total accessibility so kids of any ability can play side by side. We love bringing inclusive play to schools, parks, and daycare centers across the country. You’ll find that our on-sale playground products champion inclusivity, just like the rest of our line.

The Little Tikes Commercial Difference

For decades, Little Tikes Commercial has been committed to promoting the developmental benefits of outdoor play. In a world increasingly focused on technology and video games, there is a monumental need for kids to engage with the world around them. Our playgrounds combine the best of color, fun, and creativity along with physical activity and dynamic challenges. We’re passionate about helping kids fall in love with the outdoors and develop healthy exercise and creative thinking habits. These habits start early on the playground.

This vision has shaped our organization. We know what it takes to design a quality playground, as evidenced by the widespread use of our playgrounds in the U.S. When you work with us, you get expert engineering and careful creation. Our playgrounds are designed to be fully inclusive to children of all abilities as well as long-lasting and sustainable for the environment.

Have a specific idea in mind? Let us know! Our representatives are here to help you create the custom playground that will best fit your space. From color options to different shapes and sizes, let’s craft the tailored look you want and bring your vision to reality.

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Playground Sale

Reach Out to Little Tikes Commercial For More Information

If you have a budget in mind and are interested in our equipment, please contact us today. One of our expert representatives will be happy to discuss our sales and leasing options and help you find the perfect playground for your needs.

Whether you’re considering purchasing a playground for a park, school, church, daycare center, or community development project, we’re just a phone call away. Make the most of our sales deals, and let’s get you set up with the best playground possible!

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