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Inclusive and Accessible Playgrounds

Whether you are a church, daycare, school, homeowners’ association or other organization with a playground, you probably have spent time thinking about making it wheelchair-accessible. All public playgrounds need to include [...]

Playground Equipment

Imagination, Adventure & Play If you want durable play structures, creative design, quality construction, and an undeniable fun factor, you want Little Tikes Commercial play equipment. We put our playground [...]

Kid Builders®

Our flagship line opens up a world of explorative play. With over 500 impressive climbing, sliding, crawling and overhead components to choose from, our Kid Builders Play Structures open a [...]

Motion Event

At Little Tikes Commercial, we want every child to be moved by the wonder of imaginative play. Back and forth or round and round — motion event elements enhance the [...]

Kid Builders® Inclusive

At Little Tikes Commercial we believe playgrounds should be fun for kids of all abilities. Our Kid Builders Inclusive line has a wide array of components specifically designed for kids [...]

Creating Multigenerational Recreational Spaces

These days, not all play spaces are solely for kids. Parks and playgrounds offer more than just the swings and seesaws of yesterday –– today, you’ll find sturdy playground equipment that’s designed for comfort and durability. Outside the playground, you’re likely to find exercise equipment that’s suitable for adults. They’re called multigenerational recreational spaces, and […]

Jake’s Field of Dreams – a play space for all

Every day, families gather, and children play at Jake’s Field of Dreams in Wentzville, Missouri, less than an hour from St. Louis. This sports-themed, inclusive playground engages children of all ages and abilities in physical, social, and pretend play. The vision for this unique play space began with one man, Jim Vollmer, a father who lost […]

Hickory Lane Park, Jackson, WI

Hickory Lane Park has created a tropical oasis in Wisconsin. It was a team effort to bring this playground to life – the community of Jackson came together to raise money and make it happen. While Jackson is a rural community, its proximity to Milwaukee and other large cities makes it a community of commuters. […]

Note: Little Tikes Commercial is aware of the debate in the autism community over the use of identity-first (autistic person) and person-first (person with autism) language. While there is no language that fits both sides of the debate, we know the choice is a highly personal one, especially for individuals in the autism community. Little Tikes Commercial uses a combination of person-first and identity-first language.