Sensory Play Equipment

Encouraging Sensory Play

Sensory play equipment appeals to multiple senses, such as touch, sight and hearing. Quite simply, including sensory elements in your playground makes the play experience that much richer by engaging the child more fully in play.

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Sensory Play Equipment

Develop Senses

Sensory play can help with the development of the senses, fine-tuning children’s ability to discern textures, colors and other differences in the world.

Build Skills

Sensory play often also builds balance, fine motor skills and additional skills.

Soothes & Calms

This type of play can be soothing and calming for children.

Encourages Curiosity

Sensory play can encourage curiosity, as senses are what help children explore the world.

Boosts Creativity

This type of play is a lot of fun for children and can encourage creativity.

Promotes Education

Sensory play sets the stage for more complex forms of learning.


This type of play can help children who have sensitivities to sensory exposure become more familiar and comfortable with sensory experiences.

Inspires Learning

Sensory play encourages hands-on and active learning.

Sensory Play Equipment

How to Include Sensory Components in Your Playground

Sensory equipment can be included in any playground design to enrich the play experience for children of all ages. Choose from a variety of sensory playground equipment, including those that engage the sense of sight, hearing, touch and kinesthetic awareness.

There are many ways to engage the senses on your playground:


Sensory Play Equipment


Engage the sense of sight with fun and colorful playground equipment in different shapes. The Colossus® Slide, for example, has a big red surface that stands out, as well as an unusual wavy shape. When trying to engage the visual sense, look for playground equipment in bright colors, contrasting colors and unusual shapes. Pieces such as N-R-G Builders® offer lots of colors and shapes to please the eye. This playground structure also has the equipment to appeal to touch and other senses.


Sensory Play Equipment


Engage the sense of hearing with playground musical instruments. Musical playground equipment, such as the Bongo Panel, lets children make noise. Beat Blocks let children create sounds and appreciate rhythm. The Talk Tube lets children make noise and talk to friends far away on the playground, which helps develop listening and social skills. Another way to engage the sense of hearing is with a quiet or cozy area, away from any panels making music or noise. This allows children who get overstimulated or overwhelmed to have a great spot to play and makes your playground more inclusive. It also lets children experience the contrast between sound and quiet.


Sensory Play Equipment


Encourage tactile play with playground equipment appealing to touch. Playground equipment with texture can help children engage the world with touch. For example, the Slalom Slide has grooves for an unusual slide experience and also includes a bright color and fun shape for visual appeal. The Braille Panel lets kids learn how to “read” the alphabet by touch. This panel is a bright color and includes printed letters, so it can appeal to the visual senses and even help children with literacy. It can be a fun way to make your playground more accessible, too.

Sensory Play Equipment

Kinesthetic Awareness

Encourage kinesthetic awareness by including playground equipment which is physically challenging and encourages children to become aware of using their bodies for movement. The Horse Spring Rider and other motion equipment let children learn how to move their bodies in different ways and lets them explore different physical sensations related to movement. Motion equipment and climbers can also help build balance and physical strength.

Sensory Play Equipment

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