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Unlimited Play

Unlimited Play is a non-profit organization that uses universally accessible playgrounds as its tool to rally community members around a higher set of values while working together to build environments where individuals on all levels can connect for a common cause. The end result of our efforts is an inclusive play environment, serving as a point of pride for the community for many years to come, a place where all kids and adults, regardless of their abilities, are accepted for who they are, not what they can or cannot do.

Unlimited Play

Unlimited Play

UP North American Showcase Sites

Little Tikes Commercial is proud to partner with Unlimited Play to provide certified inclusive play spaces that represent the standard of inclusive play across North America. Communities that commit to building either a Platinum or Gold level playground will receive support from Unlimited Play in areas such as marketing, fundraising, and outreach for no additional fees.

Take a look at our current Showcase Sites, and contact your local representative to learn how you can start building your own!

Unlimited Play

Accessible Playground Structures

Little Tikes Commercial and Unlimited Play are delighted to offer certified, inclusive play spaces to take the guesswork out of your playground design. The playgrounds are offered in two levels—Platinum for those with big inclusive dreams, and Gold for those who want to bring inclusive principles to a limited space or budget.


Platinum Playgrounds

Platinum playgrounds are fully inclusive, from the type of surfacing to the accessibility of the highest point. These designs promote parallel play, so kids of all abilities can play side-by-side across three levels of climbing challenge. Sensory experiences are also featured via play panels and safety rails. Platinum playgrounds are perfect for those looking to achieve large inclusive dreams.

Gold Playgrounds


Gold playgrounds feature a structure with accessibility to the first or second deck, and transfer stations to the slides for visitors using mobility devices. These designs also encourage parallel play with three-levels of climbing challenge as well as sensory play panels and safety rails. Gold playgrounds are best suited for those working with a limited footprint or budget.

Unlimited Play

Unlimited Play Curriculums

Available for all grades, these curriculums offer schools many resources, activities, and lesson plans for instructors to help students of all abilities with social and emotional development. Each program uses play as a key component, as it provides educational benefits that other tools cannot replicate. These curriculums can be used during recess, Physical Education classes, or applied throughout local playgrounds. All lessons meet the 5 National Standards for Physical Education and the 8 National Standards for Health, as well as support the 11 Principles of Character Education.

Grades K–3

Build a foundation for responsible decision-making with this curriculum that helps children develop awareness of themselves and those around them.

Grades 4–6

Expanding upon the previous lessons, this curriculum helps students establish their sense of self, as well as develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills within a group.

Grades 7+

Use this curriculum as a service-learning component to help kids develop their leadership and collaboration skills as well as their sense of civic responsibility.

Unlimited Play

Together, we believe in designing playgrounds where limitations are forgotten and differences are celebrated!

Unlimited Play

Unlimited Play & Little Tikes Commercial Equipment

Together with the Unlimited Play team, Little Tikes Commercial has developed a line of Unlimited Play equipment.

Unlimited Play

Unlimited Play

Using our inclusive design principles, this brochure will help you understand all aspects of inclusive play so you can bring play for all to your community.

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Unlimited Play

What Unlimited Play & Little Tikes Commercial Offer:

Design & Development

  • Assembling a local team to lead the project
  • Outlining the process from start to finish
  • Utilizing the inclusive expertise of Unlimited Play

Community Outreach

  • Playground fundraising begins with a local team that mobilizes resources by exploring, identifying and securing project funders in the area.
  • Coordination of special events including Launch, Project Kick-off, Community Build and a Dedication Ceremony all engage and educate the community.

Trainings & Workshops

  • Formal trainings, webinars, and informational kits addressing our successful models and the challenges we have overcome along the way.
  • We specialize in helping businesses, schools, organizations and any other groups understand the importance of both inclusive play spaces and inclusive play experiences.


  • Unlimited Play works with teachers, youth leaders, parent groups, Veterans groups and other members of the community to help them establish outings or activities.