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Welcome to the World of Wonder

There’s a universe of possibilities in every child waiting to be awakened by the wonders of imaginative play.

Whether your child wants to be a safari guide, a forest ranger, or the leader of swashbuckling pirates, our playgrounds will help set their imaginations free. Through imaginative play, kids acquire new perspectives and cultivate life skills required to thrive in the 21st century. We invite you to step into the world of Little Tikes Commercial—where playgrounds unlock potential, nurture creativity, and inspire kids to live a life of wonder. No inside voices required!

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About Little Tikes Commercial

Endless Possibilities

The 21st century is full of opportunities—and at Little Tikes Commercial, we’re preparing for these possibilities with play! We design play experiences that tap into children’s imaginations and encourage them to look at challenges from new perspectives while making room for sparks of imagination to grow into worlds of wonder, fostering a lifetime of learning.

About Us

We don’t just build playgrounds, we craft thoughtful play experiences

Little Tikes Commercial is the leader in commercial playground equipment. We’re passionate about creating unexpected adventures through play spaces that are packed with all the fun you’ve come to expect from us, backed by the comfort of our trusted name.

Working with us means working with a dedicated team committed to designing and building an enriching playground that suits your organization’s needs. You’ll find our play equipment in parks, schools, churches, places of worship, daycares and other community spaces around the country.


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About Us

Our Mission

Little Tikes Commercial was founded on the idea that all children deserve to play in a way that will make their lives better.

We believe in creating a fun, exciting, safe and inclusive environment for all children. With a dedication to sustainability and a commitment to promoting child growth and development, our team works tirelessly to bring high-quality play to kids around the world.

About Us

Dedicated to Quality

Quality is crucial to customer satisfaction, which is why we go out of our way to ensure you have access to the best products on the market.

Little Tikes Commercial believes in sustainable, environmentally-responsible manufacturing processes and are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified. We continually work to reduce our carbon footprint, and embrace lean manufacturing to reduce waste, all while ensuring our shipments are on time.

About Us

Safety is Supreme

All of our products are submitted to rigorous testing and offer industry-leading warranties, including limited warranties for some products that last for as long as you own the play equipment.

We not only meet or exceed all relevant safety requirements and standards created by ASTM, CPSC, CSA and EN, but we also take an active role in advocating for safety in our industry. In fact, we work with many of these organizations to write the industry standards.

With anti-pinch features on many of our products and non-slip surfaces on others, we prioritize the safety of the children who use our equipment. Our products are made with non-toxic materials that are not susceptible to mold or decay, which could affect structural integrity. All of our play products are made from durable materials and include details such as anti-corrosion coatings to keep them safe and to last for years to come.


About Us

The Impact of Play

At Little Tikes Commercial, we take play seriously.

Play is more than just fun; it helps children learn about the world around them. Playground equipment can help young children develop gross motor skills, balance and confidence early on. Later, it can help them further build social, cognitive, emotional, physical and fine motor skills.

For many children, the playground is one of the first places they get to interact independently with their peers. Our selection of inclusive playgrounds can help foster social interaction and development.

Playing can help kids become active and embrace the active lifestyle that’s crucial for good health as they grow older. Play spaces can even be used as a tool for emphasizing concepts taught in the classroom—our activity panels are popular just for this reason!

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About Us

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Little Tikes Commercial has been committed to providing inclusive and innovative playground designs for decades. Reach out to us today to start creating the perfect play space for your community!

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