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Nature-Inspired Playgrounds

The NU-Edge® play system is designed around the striking dichotomy of both nature and city life. With towering rooftops, nature-inspired play events, and non-linear climbing paths, this bold fusion allows kids to jump into a world of discovery, imagination, and adventure—no matter where they live.

Playground trends have varied over the years, changing from an ultra modern design to a more natural/rustic aesthetic, and then back again. But there are benefits and beauty in both. Why view the opportunity as a this or that proposition? It’s time to meet in the middle with nature-inspired playground equipment.


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Inclusive nature based playground equipment


The Benefits of Nature-Inspired Playgrounds

Natural play structures from Little Tikes Commercial are designed with an emphasis on durability, safety, and customizability. While trees, logs, tunnels, and other items found in nature will degrade over time, our nature-inspired playgrounds are built to last.

Using Naturtek™, a patented composite resin material, our design team can mimic natural materials while keeping the playground structures protected from the elements and ready for years of play. All NU-Edge® play structures are virtually maintenance-free.



Nature based playground equipment structure


The Importance of Nature Play Equipment

Studies show that when kids play in natural environments, they’re encouraged to expand their creativity levels, take in healthy amounts of vitamin D, and engage in peer-to-peer interaction, cooperation, and role play. Spending time in nature helps keep children’s minds sharp and exposes them to a variety of situations where they must learn and adapt to changing circumstances.

Playing in nature encourages children to:

  • Increase their ability to negotiate risks.
  • Act freely and solve problems with their peers.
  • Boost resiliency and improve mood.
  • Learn to share and help others.
  • Improve self-confidence.
  • Enhance their ability to concentrate and focus.
  • Continue healthy eating habits.
  • Boost their immune systems.

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Spark New Challenges and Excitement with NU-edge®

Nature-inspired playground equipment provides kids with new and thrilling opportunities for play. With wall scaling, overhead climbing, and zip lining fun, NU-edge® encourages kids to embark on exciting imaginary adventures like never before. Imagine whitewater rafting or zip lining down a mountain or through a canopy of trees on the Track Ride. Thrill-seekers will not miss an opportunity to stimulate their imaginations while playing on NU-Edge® natural playground equipment.

The natural play structures of NU-Edge® play systems allow children to imagine their own adventures by mimicking characteristics of real outdoor environments. Whether conquering the seaside cliffs with Captain Hook or climbing the trees of the Hundred Acre Wood with Christopher Robin, kids have unlimited possibilities to create an imaginative world of fun and exploration.

Natural components of Little Tikes Commercial nature-inspired playgrounds include:

  • Log Slice Climber
  • Tree Stump Climber
  • Tree Climb
  • Big Fun Rock
  • Arched Log Climber

Natural Play Structures with an Urban Feel

In its representation of the natural world, NU-Edge® playground equipment does not neglect urban environments. NU-Edge® nature-inspired playgrounds also incorporate modern play components. Urban-themed components included in NU-Edge® natural play structures include:

  • Roofs
  • Accents
  • Metal trusses
  • Woven wire panels
  • Metal climbers

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With both rustic features and urban-inspired play elements, Little Tikes Commercial has created a bold new idea of what playground equipment can be. NU-edge® play components simulate both natural and urban environments and inspire kids to have fun exploring the outdoors.

For over three decades, Little Tikes Commercial has been committed to equipping schools, daycares, parks, early childhood centers, and other locations with custom-designed, rigorously tested outdoor playgrounds. Contact a Little Tikes Commercial representative to learn more about our natural play structures or browse our catalog of Nu-edge products today.

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