Playground Phasing

Have you considered investing in playground or recreational equipment? Parents love having a safe place where their children can play. Playground equipment attracts new people to your location and increases interest in your play area. Whether you’re considering adding a playground to a housing complex, park, business complex, or recreational area, consider the benefits of phasing.

Your playground building plans require a substantial investment. In addition to paying for the equipment, you have to cover site preparation, surfacing, shipping, and landscaping around the new playground. That’s why it’s important to create a budget plan for your playground and consider your options, including playground phasing.

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Playground Phasing

How to Build a Playground in Phases

Instead of installing the entire playground at once, you can do so in phases. Playground phasing allows you to create the playground you want at your own pace. You can install one small segment of your playground equipment plan at a time and spread your costs over a more manageable time period. Plus, you can implement as many phases as you need to reach your goal.

Little Tikes Commercial helps make this possible because our equipment is modular. Phasing two playgrounds together can be as simple as adding a temporary barrier to a deck. Through phasing, you can get the first phase ready quickly so families can start using and enjoying it. As you reach your budgetary goals, you can move on to the next phase and continue to add more amenities to your space.

Playground Phasing

Is Playground Phasing Right for You?

You have many planning options available. To determine if phasing will meet your needs, ask yourself these questions:

  • Will the space offer long-term value?
  • How many children can use the space?
  • What ages will the space appeal to?
  • What is the overall budget?

Playground Phasing

The Benefits of Playground Phasing

Building your playground in phases offers a number of advantages. Perhaps the greatest is flexibility. You can decide how many phases to implement, which helps you maintain control of your budget. If you have an opportunity to phase up with more equipment, you can do so. You also control the timeframe for the completion of the project, whether that’s six months or six years.

Finishing the project on your schedule allows you to switch your plans if necessary, ultimately giving you greater flexibility. You have the freedom to select new upgrades or change your landscaping plans midway through the project. Every business model is unique, and you can add or omit different options before final installation for optimal flexibility.

In addition, phasing can become a fun part of your crowdfunding efforts. You can tie your goals to new additions, such as celebrating a new phase when a specific crowdfunding goal is achieved.

Work With Little Tikes Commercial for Playground Planning

Little Tikes Commercial has assisted many parks, schools, businesses, and residential communities with planning and purchasing their playground equipment. A high-quality playground will add long-term value to your space for many years to come.

For more information about financing options for your playground, check out our Funding Resource Center. We have compiled resources developed by our expert team to help you through the fundraising process step by step. Our Playground Funding Guide includes tips on approaching and building relationships with donors as well as setting up and managing a successful campaign. If you are just starting to think about your options or you need an extra boost to meet your goal, our free resources can help.

Whatever your vision for your playground and preferred options for financing and implementation, Little Tikes Commercial can help. Get in touch with your local rep today to discuss phasing plans and other financing options for your playground and recreational equipment.

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