Parks and Recreation Playgrounds

If your community has a park, you have the ideal space for a playground! Many parks can benefit from a playground, because playgrounds enhance the space you have and offer more opportunities for the green space to get used. Without harming the green space, you can create an area for children and families to play.

If your green space is already being used, a park playground can open it up to more users and can encourage children to engage fully with nature. If your green space is under-used, adding a playground can encourage clean-up and regular maintenance, and can breathe new life into the area as people drop by to take advantage of the playground.

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Parks and Recreation Playgrounds

Benefits of Installing Park Playground Equipment

Playgrounds for parks offer some great benefits:

  • These play spaces are a great way to encourage local residents to use an under-used park.
  • Park playground equipment can blend well with your green area, letting children explore nature and play.
  • Playgrounds can make your park into a community space by encouraging more people to visit and play.
  • Play spaces in parks encourage children to get interested in nature and to appreciate the natural world around them by getting them interested in the playground first.
  • Play spaces can help children in your community by encouraging play, imagination and fun.
  • Playgrounds can help children get exercise and can encourage growth and development, including the development of sensory acuity, physical strength, social skills and more.
Parks and recreation playground equipment

Parks and Recreation Playgrounds

Parks & Recreation Playground Equipment

Nature play is an important part of childhood development. It can build interest in the sensory experience of nature and an appreciation for the environment. A playground in a green space lets kids reap these benefits. Little Tikes Commercial offers NU-Edge and other playground equipment that can help your green space thrive:

  • The Fun Rocks mimics the look of a rock for safe climbing. The fun rocks can add nature elements to any playground landscape.
  • The Stacked Timber Wall is made from Naturtek™ to look like real timber, and this climbing wall would blend in well into any natural space.
  • The Leaf Roof blends in well with any green areas while offering sun protection. It can be especially beneficial for any parks with limited tree cover.
  • The NU-Edge® Rock Challenge Wall is made from Naturtek™ material to look like textured stone. Children can climb the wall, and this piece of equipment incorporates well with any nature theme.
  • The Naturtek™ Tree Climb with Tree House Panel lets children enjoy the experience of climbing into a treehouse without causing harm to any tree in your park.

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Parks and Recreation Playgrounds

Types of Park Playground Equipment

Parks and recreation equipment can include many components, including:

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Parks and Recreation Playgrounds

Parks and Recreation Playground Planning

A well-executed municipal park playground encourages imagination and independence in kids and attracts families throughout the community. Whether you’re creating a new destination playground or updating an existing space, our parks and recreation playground equipment consultants will help you assess your design goals and community needs. Together, we’ll create a play space that visitors of all ages and abilities can enjoy. Create the ultimate play experience for the children in your community by following these steps:

Envision your new playground

Lay out an efficient park playground design that follows safety and accessibility guidelines to ensure your play space is fun, safe, and comfortable for all visitors.

Analyze your site

Our design consultants work with you to analyze your site’s natural topography. Park play equipment should make the most of existing shrubbery, walking paths, and nearby trees to create a stunning environment for play.

Create a detailed budget and design your park playground site

When drafting your budget and finalizing your playground’s design details, make sure to think through your space layout. The Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) recommends separate areas for 2 to 5-year-olds, school-age children, and children ages 6 to 23 months. Consider outlining different play areas for all age groups and planning what inclusive elements your design will have, like transfer points, ramps, and sensory play.

Install and maintain your playground

It’s time to install your parks and recreation equipment! To keep your play space safe and inviting for families in your community, talk to your playground consultant to determine the maintenance and frequency of inspections needed.

Parks and Recreation Playgrounds

Playground Equipment for Parks: Factors to Keep in Mind

As a landscape architect, urban planner, or park developer, there are a few considerations to keep in mind when planning your park playground:

  • Location of underground utilities
  • Nearest available electrical outlets or faucets
  • Local ordinances and codes
  • Location of existing structures
  • Location of nearby overhangs and trees

Parks and Recreation Playgrounds

Fundraising Ideas for Your Park Playground Equipment

With the right marketing tools, you may be surprised by your community’s level of support, and there are many ways you can raise awareness for a fundraising effort. The more excitement you create, the more attention you will attract from community members who want to help you raise money for park playground equipment.

Our favorite fundraising ideas for your local park playground include:

  • Bake sales
  • 5K runs or walks
  • Stage carnival
  • Silent auctions
  • A talent show or other special event

Parks and Recreation Playgrounds

Customizable Parks & Recreation Play Equipment From Little Tikes Commercial

All park playground equipment from Little Tikes Commercial is fully customizable, allowing you to choose your favorite color schemes, layouts, and playground components. Whether you want to customize one of our popular play system choices or let our Custom Design Studio create your dream playground, we will work with you to bring your vision to life.

Parks and Recreation Playgrounds

Bringing a World of Fun to Your Park is Easier Than You Think

You know your community. We know playgrounds. Let us help you create a destination that everybody’s talking about!

We’ve got it covered. From swings and ladders to tunnels and slides, from seating and shelters to surfacing and shade. With striking angles and a fresh new look, our innovative line-up of play events and components is sure to amp-up any play space.

Little Tikes Commercial is a proud member of Sourcewell, making bids easy. Cut through the red tape with quick and easy contract purchasing.

Parks and Recreation Playgrounds

Working With Little Tikes Commercial

If you want to build a playground in your local park, you want sustainable design that will not harm the green space. You may also need to ensure you comply with local bylaws. There’s much to consider when building a local playground, and Little Tikes Commercial is the park playground manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience.

We have helped many communities build playgrounds and we offer design, planning, financing, customer support and other services to ensure you get the help you need. You can stay up to date on new equipment and trends by signing up for our newsletter or contacting us today to get your project started!

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Parks and Recreation Playgrounds

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