Government Pricing

Little Tikes Commercial playground equipment provides a fun way for kids to enjoy themselves. Our equipment is built to last, made from excellent materials, and features easy installation techniques. We’ve been committed to delivering the best equipment for kids for decades, and in that time, we’ve worked with government entities to secure pricing and financing.

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Government Pricing


As a National Cooperative government partner, Sourcewell — formerly known as National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) — provides an easier, more streamlined way to buy the equipment you desire while focusing on your success. Sourcewell members’ vendor contracts include over 50,000 industry-leading brands. Contracts boost the local economy by bidding at the manufacturer level and awarding locally. With a Little Tikes Commercial contract, you can meet local bid requirements quickly and confidently, and purchase the playground and recreational equipment you want in a less-complicated way.

The bidding process doesn’t have to require running in circles. Let Sourcewell take care of the work for you.

Why Work With Sourcewell?

Sourcewell empowers you to simplify the procurement process and avoid the time-consuming tasks of creating bid documents and waiting for responses. You can also feel confident knowing you’re partnering with a government agency.

Little Tikes Commercial is a preferred commercial playground and recreation equipment provider as part of the Sourcewell contract. Membership is free with no liability, costs, or obligations, and you can help avoid issues with competing organizations. A membership creates the paper trail between Sourcewell and the member to justify the buying decision.

Government Pricing

Do I Qualify for a Sourcewell Membership?

You can become a Sourcewell member if you belong to qualifying organizations, such as:

  • Public and private education: K-12, charter schools, special education, and institutes of higher education.
  • Local and state government entities: Counties, cities, water districts, and Native American tribes.
  • Tax-exempt nonprofit organizations: Housing authorities, nursing homes and hospitals, rural power cooperatives, and member associations.

Register With Sourcewell to Secure Government Pricing

Sign up with Sourcewell today by visiting Simply click “Join” and enter your information!

Playground and recreational equipment products are available to Sourcewell members under contract #030117-LTS. Contact your local Little Tikes Commercial representative for more information.

Our Funding Resource Center can assist you with any questions related to financing. We have step-by-step guides, including how to identify donors and how to build relationships with them. We also have links to immediate funding solutions and information about additional funding sources. Plus, our resources explain the funding market and offer suggestions for managing a successful campaign.

Bring play back to your community with the guidance of our expert resources. No matter where you are in the funding process, Little Tikes Commercial can help you reach your goal.

You have a range of options when it comes to financing your playground. Little Tikes Commercial can assist you throughout the process and help you get the equipment that your community will enjoy for years to come. Find your local rep to get started today!

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