Play is important. It fosters creativity, collaboration, and, of course, fun. We believe everyone can benefit from adding play equipment to their outdoor spaces or facilities. That’s why we offer multiple playground equipment financing options that fit your unique needs. Whether you need complete financing or are considering leasing or phasing options, we can help you find a solution that stays within your budget.


Government Pricing

Little Tikes Commercial works with government entities to secure financing and pricing for playground and recreational equipment. Sourcewell —  formerly known as National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) —  helps facilitate playground financing options by streamlining procurements and following local bid requirements.

Get the equipment you want quickly, confidently, and at the best prices through special government pricing.

How Your Community Can Benefit From Play Opportunities

Think you simply can’t afford playground equipment for your school or common areas? Our affordable, flexible payment plans put our equipment “in play” for any organization. You can make families happy and engage them when you add Little Tikes Commercial equipment to your space.

Steps to Financing Your New Commercial Playground

Steps to Financing Your New Commercial Playground

1. Phasing

Through phasing, you can work within your budget to pay only for the pieces of equipment you install now. Then, wait to pay for the next phase when it’s built. Phasing lets you spread the playground equipment financing over two phases or more, based on your needs.

Kids will love seeing the progress on your playground and enjoying the parts you’ve already installed. They know they have something new to look forward to in the future, which will keep them coming back. You get the progress you want on your playground at a pace that fits your budget. Contact a Little Tikes Commercial representative to learn more about phasing and get started with your project.

2. Leasing

Every organization has unique needs when it comes to financing playground equipment. If you’re ready to enhance your community with a new playground, consider leasing. You can get all the equipment you want right away, on demand. We design, install, and build what you need now, and you take time to pay for it on your schedule.

With a leasing option, your community can start enjoying your play equipment right away — no waiting to raise the funds or installing your playground in multiple phases. You get what you want, and you set up a flexible payment plan that works for your budget. Advantages of leasing include:

  • No bank loans, which can affect your credit
  • Quick approvals
  • No large down payment


Apply for the Right Financing Option Today

No matter where you are in your playground funding journey, Little Tikes Commercial can assist you. Start with our Funding Resource Center for free resources that explain how to finance playground equipment and run a successful campaign.

You can get in touch with our experts to ask questions, get a downloadable guide you can follow step-by-step through the process, and see all the funding solutions available. We also have resources to help you find donors and build relationships to gain the funding you need. Plus, you can learn more about how grants and other sources can assist you.

Now that you know how to finance a playground, make the decision that works best for your organization. Little Tikes Commercial is here to help you navigate the entire process so you can focus on serving the needs of your community.

Get in touch with your local representative to explore your financing options today. Contact your rep to get started!

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