N-R-G Freestyle®

Move freely from one adventure to the next.

N-R-G Freestyle has endless possibilities in terms of configuration, play events, and entry and exit points. Its linear design makes it perfect for phase building, allowing you to add on new and exciting play components as your budget allows. N-R-G Freestyle allows kids to traverse through Hoop-La Alleys, maneuver Floating Pommel Rails, and scale 80” stacked timber walls, seamlessly moving from one activity to another.

For playground builders on a budget, N-R-G Freestyle playgrounds offer plenty of customization options as well as the ability to phase-build your play area. Instead of having to buy and build your playground all at once, this line allows you to add to your playground gradually, permitting you to fundraise and invest over time.

If you want to avoid financing or have a play area where you need to gradually clear and prepare the area for playground equipment, N-R-G Freestyle may be an option for you.

Features and Benefits

  • Completely ground-level unit helps build strength and coordination
  • N-R-G Freestyle can connect to KidBuilders®, PlayBuilders®, and
  • N-R-G Builders® systems.
  • Architecturally appealing for a variety of site applications • 14 components allow you to create your own unique configuration
  • The variety of linking options is ideal for phase building
  • Direct bolt thru connections provide superior strength and durability
  • Zero-platform designs are budget friendly
  • 3.5 (89MM) O.D. galvanized steel post
  • Tamper-resistant stainless steel hardware
  • Flexible under varying site conditions
  • Strong steel cables are wrapped in durable braided nylon and joined by tough connectors
kids playing on nrg freestyle playground
kids playing on nrg freestyle playground
kids playing on red and tan nrg freestyle playground
kids climbing on red and tan nrg freestyle playground
rope wall on nrg freestyle playground
kids playing on red orange and yellow nrg freestyle playground

Key Features

Budget Friendly

Our ground-level system is designed without decks to keep cost down while delivering an appealing linear configuration with exciting play events.

Site Application Flexibility

Architecturally appealing linear design adjusts to a variety of site applications and conditions.

Endless Configurations

Designed with a variety of components and linking options for unlimited possibilities. Add on additional play events as your budget allows.

Want to see our N-R-G Freestyle® structures?


N-R-G Freestyle offers affordable playgrounds for buyers who don’t want to cut corners. With N-R-G Freestyle, you get the high-quality equipment Little Tikes Commercial is known for, but you can spread out the cost of your playground purchase.

N-R-G Freestyle equipment is designed to help children stay fit and work on physical development while also offering a fun space for imagination and creativity. Equipment in this line is created to ensure children have a chance to experience opportunities for social development, emotional development, cognitive skill-building and more.

N-R-G Freestyle also offers plenty of components that allow you to create a customized play area, including:

  • N-R-G Freestyle Versa-Climb®. This rock wall can act as a perfect cap to a series of activities or as a standalone play event. Children can use the wall to build strength and balance, and this wall also helps with sensory and emotional development by mimicking stone and letting kids engage in nature play.
    By helping children develop balance and challenge themselves, this playground equipment also builds self-esteem and confidence, encouraging children to develop social and emotional skills.
  • N-R-G Freestyle Ring Trek. This overhead play option lets children get off the ground and make their way through the air by holding onto rings. The Ring Trek builds upper-body strength and helps kids develop self-esteem by challenging themselves.
    Children get to engage their senses to figure out how they will get across the trek, which also helps with sensory and cognitive development.
  • N-R-G Freestyle Fun Wheel. This overhead wheel turns as children hang on, giving kids a fun and exciting way to get from one activity on the playground to the next. The extra movement gives an added challenge and helps kids work on upper-body strength and balance, building confidence and problem-solving ability.
    Since more than one child can use the wheels at the same time, it can be a fun way to build social skills and enjoy hands-on sensory play with friends.

These are just a few of the components you can use as you build your N-R-G Freestyle playground. Building in phases can allow you to add to your playground as budgets allow and as you determine the best fit for the children in your community.

Be sure to explore some of the components available for your N-R-G Freestyle playground through Little Tikes Commercial. Find a representative today or contact us to get started on your playground!

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